When does a laptop screen go black?

Black laptop screen? So you get another picture

If the screen of your laptop stays black, that doesn't mean that it has blessed the time: Often there are banal reasons why the lights have gone out on the laptop. A few movements or clicks are often enough to light up the laptop and the user. In this guide we want to show you what you can do if the picture is no longer displayed.

Black screen on the laptop - it doesn't have to be a defect

Before you take your laptop to the specialist and leave your hard-earned money there, you can go through your own fault diagnosis. The fact that the monitor no longer shows an image does not necessarily have to be a defect, even if this cannot be ruled out for the time being. With a few simple tricks, however, you can often "bring back" the picture.

If there is a defect, you can even partially find out where the defect is during the error diagnosis. If you don't have an electronics technician among your relatives or friends, you should take the laptop to a specialist or send it to the manufacturer if you still have a guarantee.

Basic tips for black screen laptops

Before you go into the depths of troubleshooting, you should first consider the following basic tips, as banal as they may seem.

  • Checks whether the laptop starts at all: Are the fans running, the LEDs lit and the hard drive turning on (in the case of an HDD)?
  • If the laptop doesn't even start, check whether everything is connected correctly (charging cable, battery, etc.) and whether your power supply is working at all (is the LED lit?).
  • Does the display have loose contact? Just gently move the screen back and forth. If an image now appears, a loose connection is likely and a repair is necessary.
  • Sometimes it also helps to turn off the laptop, remove the battery, hold down the start button for a few seconds and then restart the laptop after ten minutes.
  • If your laptop does not want to start up despite your efforts, it is very likely that it is not on the screen. A visit to the specialist is therefore inevitable.

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Laptop stays black: is the backlight to blame?

Most modern laptops can turn off the backlight separately. If you can guess something on the monitor with backlighting, it is possible that the LED backlight is switched off. In this case you can try the following key combinations:

  1. On current laptops, there is an Fn key (often blue) between the Ctrl and Windows keys. With this you can use the special functions of your laptop.
  2. Finds the function keys (the same color as the Fn key). There are two buttons that could help you with your problem: Monitor On / Off (often F5 or F7) and the empty sun symbol (often right arrow key or up arrow key).
  3. Presses the Fn key and the monitor on / off key. If that doesn't work, hold down the Fn key and press the empty sun icon several times.

We have summarized further tips & tricks for typical Windows 10 errors in the following series of pictures:

A second screen: cause or solution

If you still don't get a picture, maybe a second screen or a TV or projector is the cause or solution of your problem. Most laptops these days support a second output device via HDMI (older models use VGA). Even if you don't have a second monitor connected, Windows can mistakenly assume this.

  • If you have connected a second monitor, disconnect it and check whether you can see an image.
  • If you haven't connected a second monitor, you should try this. If you can now see a picture on the second monitor, you can rule out that your graphics card is broken. If no picture can be seen on the laptop screen or on the external monitor, there may be a defect in the graphics card.
  • If you can see an image on the external monitor, the problem is either the laptop screen or a simple setting.
  • In the Windows display options you can set whether the image from the graphics card should be shown on your own display or on an external monitor. It may be set here that the image is only sent to the external monitor.
  • With the key combination Windows key + P you can choose the output devices.

Image sources: Acer, signature photos via Shutterstock

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