Which countries failed like Venezuela

Because of the Venezuela crisis : Eight South American states form regional alliances

Eight South American countries formed a new regional alliance at a meeting in Chile. Prosur is a forum "without ideology and bureaucracy, but with total commitment to freedom, democracy and human rights," said Chilean President Sebastian Pinera on Friday. "Here the countries of South America can exchange ideas, work together, make their voices heard and together achieve more freedom, integration and development."

Representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Guyana signed a joint declaration at the founding meeting in Santiago de Chile. Bolivia, Uruguay and Suriname only attended the meeting as observers. Venezuela was not invited. The controversial President Nicolas Maduro has been clinging to his office there for months.

Prosur should be an alternative to the recently increasingly insignificant confederation Unasur. Unasur was founded in 2008 on the initiative of the then Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, his Argentine counterpart Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the then Venezuelan head of state Hugo Chavez.

Unasur has been without a guide for two years

The dispute over the position in the Venezuela conflict paralyzed Unasur. For two years now, the Unasur states have not been able to agree on a new Secretary General who could take over from former Colombian President Ernesto Samper. Six states, including Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, froze their participation in the left-wing confederation almost a year ago. Ecuador also announced its exit from Unasur a week ago. "New alternatives" for regional integration must be pioneered, according to the Ecuadorian government's declaration of withdrawal.

The new Forum Prosur wants to include topics such as infrastructure, energy, security, health, defense, the fight against crime and the prevention of natural disasters in its agenda. "It is time to be realistic and pragmatic in order to understand the global and regional circumstances without ideological prejudice," declared Argentina's President Mauricio Macri. Unasur failed because of its ideological expression. He called for "not to trip over the same stone again". (dpa)

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