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Suicide victim filmed: Youtube throws Logan Paul out of the advertising program

Logan Paul will no longer be able to earn as much money from advertising with his YouTube videos in the future. The company has removed the controversial Youtuber from the Google Preferred program. Various other projects have been discontinued.

Video scandal

Paul had shot with other people in the Japanese Aokigahara forest. A particularly high number of people commit suicide in the forest. Paul's group actually found a suicide victim, filmed it and published the video. The Youtuber was sharply criticized for the action. Only then did he delete the video and apologize for it.

In the meantime, Youtube has responded with an open letter and limited the possibilities for Paul to land advertising deals. Youtube itself had previously been criticized for not having commented on the case for so long. On Tuesday, the company wrote on Twitter that users were rightly disappointed with the lack of information from YouTube and now have a right to learn more. "Suicide is not a joke and should not be the driving force for views," explained Youtube. One expects more from Youtubers - Paul's channel clearly violated the community guidelines.

Restriction on promotional deals

They are now working to ensure that something like this can no longer happen. The company also announced consequences for Paul. These look like this: Paul's Channel will be removed from the Google Preferred Program, as "Kotaku" and the "Hollywood Reporter" report. This brings the best content together in packages for advertisers. Paul's chances of landing lucrative advertising deals decrease as a result. He was also supposed to star in a film for the paid offer Youtube Red - that has now been put on hold. And he was dropped from a comedy series for Youtube Red.

Paul had claimed that he wanted to draw attention to suicide victims with his video. But this excuse was not credible for most users and for Youtube itself. Filmmaker and Youtuber Anna Akana wrote: "The corpse was once a person someone loved. You don't walk into the suicide forest with a camera and claim that you want to raise awareness for mental health with it." Youtube also quoted this statement in its open letter. (br, 11.1.2018)



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