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Mail - Issues with outdated SSL version

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On March 3rd, 2020 the SSL encryption module of the e-mail server in the IMT was updated. This means that only SSL encryptions from TLS 1.2 are accepted. All mail programs / operating systems with a previous version cannot call up any e-mails.

This particularly applies to:

  • older macOS versions up to and including "El Capitan (10.11)"
  • Windows 7 and Windows 8 with Outlook

macOS up to El Capitan (10.11)

El Capitan officially expired in 2018 and is no longer receiving patches from Apple.

You have the following options:

  1. To update Your operating system
  2. El Capitan: Use an alternative mail program

Update the macOS version

Catalina (10.15)

You can access the current version "Catalina (10.15)"if your Apple computer can use this version. This can be done conveniently via the Appstore. All data / settings / programs are retained, however 32 applications no longer functional after the update. Reverting to an old version is difficult / complicated, but generally possible. We recommend a Timemachine backup before updating.

Advantage: Latest macOS version, safe, free
Disadvantage:No more 32-bit support, this can be a problem for older programs.

Update via the app store:

High Sierra (10.13) or Mojave (10.14)

Apple also allows you to update to an older version of macOS. This is available for older computers or users of 32-bit programs.

We recommend a Timemachine backup before updating.

Advantage: Newer macOS version, still supported by Apple, 32-bit support available
Disadvantage: Out of date, support ends 11/30/2020 (High Sierra) // September 2021 (Mojave)

Update semi-manual:

Alternative mail program under El Capitan

Under El Capitan you can use an alternative e-mail program for the Apple Mail app to be able to receive mail. Possible programs would be the free Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook as part of the MS Office package (e.g. Office 365 or via an employee campus license). There are of course other alternatives, the above are the most commonly used.

You can find more about MS Office here: Microsoft_Office_Portale

Windows 7 and 8 with Outlook

An older version of TLS is available on these outdated operating systems. Although at least Windows 8.1 is still in the extended support phase until January 2023 (regular end of January 2018), no related patch from Microsoft is to be expected.

You have the following options:

  1. To update Your operating system
  2. Manual update to TLS 1.2

We recommend an update to Windows 10.

Update to Windows 10

Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 can be upgraded, i.e.:

  • can be updated to Windows 10 without data loss or cumbersome full installation

Manual update to TLS 1.2

Warning: for experts!

Here you have to install a Windows update and make changes to the Windows registry. In individual cases where a Cannot update to Windows 10 the IMT offers staff help with this option.

We will provide you with a registry key that will relieve you of searching and manually changing the key values ​​according to the instructions above. You have to unzip it first and then run it.

  • Registry key (zip file):