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Standard interface for meter reading via WhatsApp

Schleupen.CS users will soon have a particularly simple and cost-efficient way of recording meter readings: Your customers can send the meter readings via WhatsApp as a photo or as a text message. The meter readings are automatically checked for plausibility and then used for the next billing. This is made possible by the connection of the AI ​​solution WhatsEnergy, which was developed by the messenger and chatbot expert MessengerPeople especially for energy suppliers and municipal utilities. In order to make their integration smooth, fast and cost-effective, a standard interface was created for Schleupen.CS. This makes it particularly easy for Schleupen.CS users to communicate in compliance with GDPR via the WhatsApp messenger service.

"WhatsEnergy is an ideal addition to our Schleupen.CS platform." Volker Kruschinski, CEO of Schleupen AG, sure. The AI ​​solution fits exactly into the strategy of simplifying and digitizing customer service processes, which the company is already pursuing with its Internet portal CS.IT. Many meter readings are still sent analogously by post. Another digital channel will further reduce the amount and thus save companies a lot of effort and costs. "We are really proud that we have taken this digitization step and can now offer our customers a standard interface for determining meter readings via WhatsApp", says Kruschinski.

Artificial intelligence recognizes meter data

Reading becomes easier for the end customer. All he has to do is take a photo of his electricity / gas / water meter and send it. The AI ​​converts the information in the photo, which is sent to the energy supplier via WhatsApp, into readable data that is passed on to the supplier's Schleupen.CS contract billing. There they are checked for plausibility. An automated agent (chatbot) gives the customer feedback as to whether his data has been recognized and is plausible. This procedure is as easy and convenient for the customer as it is for the supplier. Important: In this way, sovereignty over the data remains completely in the hands of the supplier, as it is processed in its own ERP system.

Costs at 1 euro per reading process

"WhatsEnergy arose from the close cooperation with our customers in the energy industry," says Matthias Mehner, Messenger expert and Chief Marketing Officer at MessengerPeople. Therefore, the solution also meets the needs of the industry very much. Manual work is saved, which reduces process costs enormously. “In our experience, reading a meter reading with 'WhatsEnergy' costs around 1 euro net. If you use our solution for several meter readings - not just electricity, but also water, gas, etc. - the costs can be minimized even further. "

Completely GDPR compliant

When it comes to the increasingly important issues of data protection and IT security, WhatsEnergy users are on the safe side. Because
MessengerPeople officially works with WhatsApp. The app or business app is not used, but the official WhatsApp Business API to which the MessengerPeople software solution is connected. The personal data is not stored on WhatsApp, but on European servers at MessengerPeople. The problem of data transfer does not exist in this way. Likewise, the customer's consent is automatically obtained in a legally compliant manner before communication begins.


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