How are people treated against rabies


The risk of contracting rabies in Germany is now considered to be very low. Even veterinarians, hunters, forest and forest workers who have long been considered to be endangered only need to be vaccinated if the wild animal rabies recurs in their region. Two vaccines against rabies are approved in Germany.

Rabies vaccination: who and how often?

The rabies vaccination is only expressly recommended for people who have regular contact with bats. In addition, laboratory employees who might come into contact with the virus at work should be vaccinated against rabies.

You should also get vaccinated if you travel to countries where rabies is endemic, i.e. very common among animals. In these regions there is an increased risk of infection, which is why travelers have a vaccination is recommended. Anyone planning a trip should seek advice from a travel doctor or a tropical institute a few months in advance.

When asked about vaccination protection for tourists, the targeted delivers holiday destination a clear “yes or no” answer. Risk areas for rabies are:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Central America
  • South America

The following recommendations apply to rabies vaccination:

  • The World Health Organization has recommended WHO since April 2018 only two more vaccinations (in the muscles) against rabies at an interval of at least seven days.
  • The Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) of the Robert Koch Institute advises doctors against vaccinating according to the specialist information provided by the vaccine manufacturer: three vaccinations on days 0, 7, 21 (or 28). For doctors in Germany, this manufacturer's information is authoritative.
  • A refreshing According to the WHO, the rabies vaccination is only necessary after a bite. However, the vaccine manufacturers recommend re-vaccination after five years.
  • If a non-vaccinated person suffers a bite wound and there is a suspicion that the animal had rabies, the following applies: The affected person should clean the wound thoroughly with soap and water, disinfect it with alcohol or iodine, if possible, and then be re-vaccinated as soon as possible.