How do I install wxPython

How do I install wxPython on Ubuntu 14.04? - python, ubuntu, wxpython, wxwidgets

I'm trying to install wxPython from src because I need the exact version on Ubuntu. (So ​​I can't follow the suggestions in the related question I downloaded the source and installed ./configure, make and install. It seems to exit with the following message without any errors.

The installation of wxWidgets is complete. On certain platforms (e.g. Linux) you will now need to run ldconfig if you have a shared library installed and also change the LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or equivalent) environment variable. wxWidgets makes no guarantees and does not claim to be suitable for any purpose.

I have confirmed that importing wx & wx.version () made my installation not work. What must be done to complete the installation? Where should I set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH?


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With ./configure, make and make install only wxWidgets are created and installed. You also need to use wxPython with the script that by default also does the wxWidgets part of the build for you, with known configuration flags. See wxPython / docs / BUILD.txt in the source archive.

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Try to check if there is wx in sys.pah.

You can do it with this code

There must be something like that in the output

If not, adding a path to the wx folder to the system path can fix the problem.

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gtk3 should be installed first

If you're having trouble installing wxpython on Python3, use this command to install wxpython

You can use this command to install the latest version of wxPython4. If you are using Windows or Mac OS

You can get an older version via this link