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This is how parents and students think about the earlier start of the holiday

Sinsheim. (cbe) The holidays start on Wednesday. That was decided in the short term, but in the short term everyone involved has to adjust to it. What do students, teachers and parents think of it? The RNZ asked.

"We are very frustrated," reports Yvonne Endrich. She is the principal of the Hoffenheim elementary school and the managing director of the Sinsheim. She and her colleagues planned, adjusted and invested a lot of time in order to make good use of the school days up to and including December 22nd. Because that would have been the last day of school before the holidays. The change came at very short notice, now teaching material would have to be adapted, among other things.

Of course, some students are happy about an earlier vacation. But not everyone has time off: Those who graduate from school in the coming year will receive distance learning from Wednesday. The main subjects are taught online at the Kraichgau-Realschule. This means that if you were a student who sat in the classroom at 7:30 a.m. for math lessons, you now have to sit at the computer at 7:30 a.m. In the minor subjects, assignments are sent out that students can complete when they want. "Otherwise you spend six hours in front of the screen," explains Rector Holger Gutwald-Rondot. The fact that screen breaks are needed is one of the learning effects from the period of restrictions in spring.

Apparently they also learned something new about the computer equipment: numerous tablets and laptops were distributed to the schools. At the Realschule there were 31, more are to follow in a second batch. Anyone who needs a computer is now taken care of, says Gutwald-Rondot. However, distance learning does not go down well with all students. "You can't ask questions as well as in class," reports Antonio, who is in the 9th grade at the Kraichgau Realschule.

He and some classmates still think the earlier vacation makes sense to slow down the further spread of the corona virus. Some students think the lockdown should have come earlier. This is also the opinion of Alessandra Incognito, her son goes to the Kraichgau-Realschule. However, she does not yet know how to look after him from Wednesday. Several parents face this challenge.

This is where emergency care is supposed to help: It works with children up to 7th grade, whose parents are indispensable at work. How many children will use this was not yet clear at several schools on Monday. The same applies to the kindergartens: Here too, the holidays start on Wednesday. And here, too, some of the children should be placed in emergency care. Ursula Pischel, director of the Catholic kindergarten "St. Jakobus", expects the situation to develop as it did in the context of the first restrictions in spring. On Monday, however, some things were still unclear about her, including how it would be with the care of children who have special needs. "We all feel a bit offended," she said of the mood.

An increased level of planning is often required when it comes to children with disabilities. Because they are usually driven to the school with their own pick-up and delivery service. And a single parent cannot take care of a child with a disability and work in the home office at the same time. That is why there is emergency care for all students at the Steinsberg School, explains headmaster Andreas Fuchs. The girls and boys like going to school anyway, reports Fuchs: Some of them are sad that they are going on vacation earlier.

But what happens after the longer Christmas break? According to Gutwald-Rondot, catching up on class tests and material is not a big problem. However, the rector is very worried that the schools will not reopen on January 10th. He considers such a development problematic: "Our students need to meet. Lessons are more than just imparting knowledge," he emphasizes.

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