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From children's chief reporter Paul

Scientists have discovered that certain music relaxes four-legged friends. Now they want to set up stereo systems in some animal shelters.

From children's chief reporter Paul

Stuttgart - You must have a favorite song, don't you? Perhaps you have a genre of music that you particularly like? Is it rock or pop? Or do you prefer to listen to jazz? Music can have very different effects on children and adults. When some people listen to calm music, they themselves become calmer. But it can also be that the quiet music makes them nervous.

Animals also react very differently to music. Scientists have looked at how dogs from the shelter behave when they hear different songs. The researchers found that dogs are particularly fond of reggae music. But how did you find out? Unfortunately, they can't talk to the four-legged friends, even if that would be exciting.

In order to determine which music the dogs like, they have strapped a measuring device on them. This shows how often the heart beats per minute and whether this rhythm is changing. You can feel this in yourself too: When you are excited, your heart beats faster. Using the device, the researchers found that dogs are less stressed when they listen to reggae music. Even if you listen to soft rock, relax. When the music is playing, dogs lie longer on the floor or stand still. And they run around less.

But not all dogs reacted in the same way to the different styles of music. The researchers can imagine that dogs also have something like a taste in music, just like us humans. Because the music is good for the dogs, the scientists now want to install music systems in some animal shelters. They hope that the animals will be more relaxed then. A few years ago, other researchers looked into the musical taste of cows. They found that cows produce more milk when they are played classical music. They didn't like heavy metal, however.