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Destiny 2: Quickly level your Season Pass over 100 levels - 4 simple tricks

In Destiny 2, with a little planning, you can level the Season Pass and the artifact much faster and more efficiently. MeinMMO shows you 4 easy to implement tricks that all Guardians should know.

Since Destiny 2: Beyond Light was released on November 10th, you can see the seasonal rank of all Guardians boldly above their heads. Some can only shake their real head at the fact that some players are already well beyond level 100.

The questions that arise, such as "Do they level so much faster and better than me?" or “gambling around the clock?”.

What does the seasonal level actually bring?

  • Your seasonal rank corresponds to your level in the Season Pass. If you have reached level 100, you have fought for all the rewards. Theoretically, however, you can continue leveling without limits.
  • You also level your seasonal artifact. This gives you access to powerful mods and even grants you a bonus on the power level - so you can better master endgame activities such as the raid, at least in the current season.
  • Although the level has no direct relation to your power level, i.e. the power of your weapons and armor, you will feel an increase in power through the artifact.
Destiny 2: Everything about the new artifact from Season 12 - Location, Mods, Levels

You can level the whole thing in Destiny 2 on the side. All activities give you experience. But if you are clever and pay attention to a few simple tricks, the Season Pass levels much faster and more efficiently.

In this article, MeinMMO shows you 4 tips for correct and fast leveling that all Guardians should know.

Tip 1: use the mind properly

While the new DLC location Europe or the fresh Stasis Super immediately catch the eye, the changes to your mind are not immediately noticeable. The loyal companion has been given a makeover with Beyond Light and can now be highly individualized.

You have to know that about the "new" spirit:

  • You can now upgrade the spirit shell to a masterpiece - don't worry, it won't cost you any ascendant fragments and is significantly cheaper than other items
  • So you unlock more space for useful mods - you need at least 6 energy slots for fast XP yield
  • Each ghost shell can now equip the coveted mods for bonus XP
  • Make sure to use the new mod “Blinding Light” (costs 6 energy): This gives you 12% more experience

No matter what activity you do or where you get experience points from, you now get 12% more - just like that.

Tip 2: forays are your friends

Some joke mischievously that Destiny 2 would be “Bounty Hunter - The Game”, so that everything revolves too much about the bounties. But you should take advantage of this strong focus on forays.

  • You will earn tons of XP by completing weekly and daily forays by NPCs across the solar system.
  • Practically every activity in Destiny 2 has a suitable director - from whom you get the forays
  • Regardless of whether you are improving your stasis skills in Europe or letting off steam in the melting pot, pack the appropriate forays beforehand
  • The weekly forays in particular should be a high priority
  • The time-experience ratio is top notch here

Of course, it can take a while before you fly into the tower and stock up on forays. But the next-gen guardians hardly notice any more of this and the loading times on the other platforms have also been noticeably shorter since Beyond Light.

You should always tackle these weekly forays:

  • Vanguard - Zavala in the tower
  • Crucible - Shaxx in the tower
  • Armorer (Banshee-44 in the tower)
  • Gambit - vagabond in tower construction
  • Crow - since season 12 in the Tangled Bay at Spider
  • Variks - can be found on Europe

While you grind the weekly activities, the weekly forays always go on in parallel. If you have limited time, skip the "repeatable forays". These barely give XP (normally) and are not worth it.

Experience-hungry Guardians lapse into real foray orgies. Then Bungie sometimes has to intervene and deactivate or cap jobs that allow too much XP.

Tip 3: Milestones make guardians big and strong

The weekly milestones are very important, especially at the beginning of a season or expansion. The mighty and top loot awaits here, which will make your power level skyrocket.

Many do not know that about milestones: The milestones also give a very generous amount of experience points. The great thing is that you can usually complete weekly forays and milestones hand in hand.

  • While you are running 3 strikes for the milestone, you also complete Zavala's weekly foray, for which you should complete at least 3 strikes.
  • If you are particularly hardworking, you will also complete 8 smaller forays and have then cracked the next weekly task at Zavala.
  • By the way, milestones are displayed in the navigator as yellow star markings - so you can quickly see where you can still get a lot of experience and strong loot

As you can see, a lot is not magic, just good preparation.

Tip 4: The more guardians, the more experience

If possible, play as a team with other Guardians. Because in the Season Pass you unlock bonuses on experience. Some of them only work in a team. But you should also consider playing multiple characters yourself.

Why play multiple characters? In Destiny 2, experience applies to all accounts. Every bit of XP from your first character also applies to the other two (more than 3 Guardians are not possible).

You can then use the bonuses of your artifact with all Guardians or you can take many rewards from the Season Pass several times.

  • Sure, saving the universe with 3 Guardians is a real time waster.
  • But you don't have to do everything with your twinks. If you want and have some time to spare, the milestones in your favorite activity are recommended.
  • Of course in combination with a “+ 12% ghost shell” and the corresponding weekly forays.
  • By the way, you can already tackle many weekly activities at the minimum level of 1,050 - so you don't need highly bred guardians as twinks.

Don't forget to fish the seasonal armor and ornaments from the Season Pass on your second or third characters. Because they will remain after Season 12 and this time make a lot of difference (see cover picture).

Did you know all the tricks and have you leveled “correctly” for a long time? Or do you take it all in a more relaxed way and don't have to be the fastest, best guardian everywhere?