Tips for raising start-up capital

This is the quick and easy way to raise capital for setting up your company

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Successful self-employed people know: A good business idea alone is not enough. A promising concept can only be realized with the necessary start-up capital and this is exactly where most start-ups fail. INTERNETHANDEL shows you creative, proven and innovative options for corporate financing and explains features, advantages and disadvantages.

Do you have a few good business ideas in mind, would you like to enjoy your professional life from the executive office and conquer the markets with your own concepts? Then the only thing that separates you from the realization of your dreams is probably the lack of start-up capital. You shouldn't be particularly sad about this.



Financing your business

You are in good company with regard to your dilemma: The lack of “change” is the most common of all reasons why perfect business ideas are ultimately not put into practice. After all, who has a few thousand or ten thousand euros freely available to start their own company? However, if you are now thinking about giving up, you may lack the tenacity that characterizes a good founder and entrepreneur.

Before you ignore your business plans, it is worth looking into innovative start-up financing options. The modern financial markets offer a whole range of these. Which model is best suited depends above all on individual wishes and preferences and on the respective business concept.

In the current issue of INTERNETHANDEL you will find a complete overview of the best models for corporate financing. These are not only presented and explained in detail: You will also receive many addresses, information and practical tips that will guide you step by step through the process of raising capital and bring you a good deal closer to your professional goal.



Without start-up capital, even the best business idea will fail

Let's not kid ourselves: Without the necessary start-up capital, even the best business idea will permanently gather dust in the drawer instead of causing a stir in the market. Many start-up projects are not about big money at all. A few thousand euros are often enough to buy your first office equipment and survive the first few months.

Since you shouldn't let a good idea fail because of such a comparatively low amount, it is advisable to take a closer look at the most common models for raising start-up capital for your own company. In the new issue of INTERNETHANDEL you will learn about the following options, among others:



Bootstrapping: Financing for the thrifty

Founders who do not want or cannot raise external capital usually deal with the bootstrapping model. The development of the company takes place in small and well thought-out steps directly from the cash flow. You will learn how bootstrapping works, get to know the most important rules of this form of financing and receive a list of the main advantages and disadvantages.


Promotional Loans: Government Support

The traditional bank loan is still a classic way of corporate financing. If you want to secure particularly good conditions here and want to increase the chances of being awarded, you should opt for a subsidized loan. You will learn step by step which strategies you should use in order to receive promotional loans of up to 100,000 euros quickly and securely.


Family & Friends: Capital from the social environment

Business founders with wealthy family members or friends often think about asking them for start-up funding for their own company. This path harbors opportunities and risks that must be carefully thought out in advance. Therefore, we will show you in concrete terms which procedures and safeguards will help you to obtain financing through friends and family members.


Crowdinvesting: Financing with swarm intelligence

If many investors participate in the capital of a start-up, each with small amounts, then one speaks of crowd investing. This form of financing is particularly suitable for small companies with poor credit opportunities. You will learn how crowd investing works, how you can inspire investors with your idea and which pitfalls in swarm financing should be avoided.




8 clever forms of financing for your company

Get our current issue “The Capital Injection” and find out now everything about the eight most important models for corporate financing. Get to know the individual options up close, become familiar with the respective advantages and disadvantages and learn what to do in order to avail of the financing options presented. If you are really convinced that your place should actually be the executive chair, then do not hesitate to take a decisive step closer to your goal now. We'll help you with that.