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Motorcycle innovations 2021: These are the new models

Mega boxers and super athletes, enduros and naked bikes, entry-level and middle-class machines - these brand new motorcycles and scooters will be launched in the 2021 model year. Plus: technical data & prices.

Due to the corona, the big autumn fairs this year fall into the water and the novelty fireworks are therefore much more modest. Still, there are real highlights - and some late novelties from last year. Here are the most important motorcycle and scooter models of the new season.

BMW R 18: Spectacular super boxer

Probably the most spectacular novelty for the new model year is the BMW R 18, which can already be ordered, which makes a lot of impression with its lavish shapes, quotes from the 30s and a large amount of cubic capacity. The completely new 1.8-liter two-cylinder, known as the "Big Boxer", pushes the almost seven hundredweight, undisguised retro bike with it 67 kW / 91 PS and 158 Newton meters of torque in less than five seconds to 100 and a maximum of 180 km / h. Visually, the powerful BMW with a flat saddle, stretched chopper shape and deliberate resemblance to the R 5 from 1935.

Despite historical design elements, the Berlin-built R a lot of modern technologysuch as the LED light, a classic round speedometer with display and emission control according to Euro 5. The BMW R 18 is already available and is included in the "First Edition" model version 22,225.31 euros in the price list.

Aprilia RS 660: mid-range super sports car

The Aprilia RS 660, which was presented in autumn 2019 and already driven by specialist journalists, has a completely different focus Middle class super athlete with the entertaining combination of a weight of just 190 kilograms (ready to drive) and one 74 kW / 100 PS high-performing, easy-turning two-cylinder parallel twin that has correspondingly easy play. The one with many Control systems According to the manufacturer, the equipped RS 660 should be a lot of fun for the driver on winding country roads as well as on racetracks.

Noteworthy details of the handy curve sweeper include striking LED daytime running lights, the polished aluminum profiles of the frame construction and the banana-shaped rear swing arm. The latter has a central spring strut, there is also an adjustable upside-down fork with 41 mm tubes at the front, while radially mounted Brembo calipers grasp the 32 centimeter discs. Price: 10,770 euros.

Here you can read the first driving report about the new Aprilia RS 660.

The Aprilia Tuono 660 naked bike is also new.

Bimota Tesi H2: Italo rarity

Another novelty from Italy also marks the resurrection of the Bimota brand, in which the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki bought 49.9 percent in 2019. The first - limited edition - new Bimota called Tesi H2 is therefore technically a Kawasaki Ninja H2. Like this, the Tesi is also powered by a one-liter, four-cylinder supercharged engine 170 kW / 231 PS and 141 Newton meters of torque driven. The extras added by Bimota include a stub axle steering for the front wheel, some aluminum milled parts and trim elements made of carbon.

Thanks to this, the (dry) weight of the Tesi H2 should be reduced by ten to 207 kilograms compared to the Kawasaki Ninja. Only 250 Ninja H2 want the Italians in the main factory in Rimini to 64,000 euros convert expensive Tesi H2. The first copies should be available since October 2020.

Triumph Trident: three-cylinder roadster for the middle class

The British motorcycle manufacturer will also revive a well-known name in early 2021 with a new edition of the Triumph Trident naked bike. As the model name suggests, a traditional three-cylinder engine with 660 cubic centimeters of displacement and 81 hp provide propulsion. A lot has changed visually. The rear of the vehicle looks airy, the overall line is reduced. Instead of the twin headlights typical of Triumph, the Trident gets its light from a single one LED round headlights throw on the street.

Technically, the machine trumps with modern assistance systems, such as a traction control that can be switched off or a quickshifter. The price is also ideal for beginners: 7,343 euros.

Brixton 500 Crossfire: Chinese naked bike

With approximately 6000 euros The Brixton 500 Crossfire from Chinese production, recently launched in Germany, is a little cheaper. The naked bike, available in two versions, is characterized by a pleasing design with classic and modern elements as well as a ballast-free rear section. The most important element of the Crossfire is an in-line twin cylinder with a displacement of 486 cubic centimeters, eight valves and two overhead camshafts. The liquid-cooled unit mobilizes 35 kW / 48 PS and 43 Newton meters of torque.

That is enough for a top speed of 160 km / h, the consumption is given as four liters. For the equipment of the optically only discreetly different Versions Crossfire and Crossfire X include ABS brakes, upside-down fork, an adjustable central spring strut for the rear wheel, LED lights, stainless steel exhaust system and a digital speedometer.

Mash X-Ride 650: Retro Enduro from France

The young, France-based motorcycle brand Mash understands slightly outdated single-cylinder technology and historic styling to pour into modern forms. With the Mash X-Ride, the manufacturer recently started offering a new 650, which not entirely by chance brings back memories of the 80s enduro legend Yamaha XT 500. This is due to the graphics on the white 12-liter tank and the gold-colored anodized wire rims. Despite the retro look, the X-Ride also offers modern elements. Small LED indicators and LED daytime running lights in the round headlights are noticeable.

Further accents are set by an underbody protection, a raised double tailpipe of the exhaust system and the central round speedometer with an analogue and digital display mix. And as with the XT 500, the X-Ride has a single that provides propulsion, the 29 kW / 40 PS and provides 46 Newton meters of torque. The power goes through a manual five-speed gearbox by chain to the rear wheel with 150 mm tires. Speaking of 150: That is also the highest feeling when it comes to speed. A price of around 6000 euros.

Read the driving report for the new Mash X-Ride 650 here

Voge 300 R, 300 AC, 500 R, 500 DS: Made in China

Like Mash or Brixton, Voge is a young brand whose motorcycles come from China. In Germany, the Bavarian MSA GmbH is responsible for sales of the four models in the 300 and 500 cubic capacity class. With around 3700 euros mark the single cylinder models 300 r and 300 AC the entry into the Voge world. The R is a sporty one Naked bike with19 kW / 26 PS powerful engine. The 170 kilogram single cylinder is equipped with two 300 brake discs on the front wheel, an updside-down fork and a six-speed gearshift.

The slightly weaker one, but technically largely identical to the R. Voge 300 AC is characterized by a classic line with modern accents. Round 4900 euros The cost of the 500 R, which is visually very similar to the 300 R, is a two-cylinder injection engine 32 kW / 44 PS for use. The machine, which weighs around 200 kilograms, has a six-speed gearbox, a Nissin brake system with wave discs and a USB fork from Kayaba.

The top model is round 5200 euros expensive Travel enduro 500 DSwhich technically largely corresponds to the 500 R. For just under 500 euros extra, Voge offers a case set for the DS, consisting of a carrier system as well as two side cases and an aluminum top case.

Honda CB125F: Slimmed down light motorcycle

The Japanese manufacturer is launching its Honda CB125F light motorcycle, which has been extensively modified. The most important innovation is a modernized single-cylinder whose fuel consumption has fallen from two to 1.5 liters thanks to injection. The performance stays with 8 kW / 11 PS on the other hand, unchanged, although the engine will have easier play in the future, because the F has slimmed down by eleven to 117 kilograms. Among other things, a new steel frame is responsible for the weight savings. Also new are LED headlights and digital instrumentation with on-board computer and gear indicator.

Honda has not yet announced prices for the slimmer CB, but these should be around, similar to the previous model 3000 euros lie.

Text: Mario Hommen / SP-X

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