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Create a native mobile app yourself - Part 2: Programming or app construction kit?

If you don't have any programming skills, but still want to create and design your app yourself, an app maker could be the right tool for you. There is now a large selection of different providers with their kits that can be used to implement some app ideas. Unlike the official IDEs from Google and Apple, you can most app builders but not free use. Almost all app makers are based on a business model in which customers have a monthly fee Pay for the use of the kit and for hosting the final application. With some providers, the monthly fee already includes the fact that the app is offered in the official app store of the platform - with others, an additional (usually one-off) payment must be made for this. But often you can Create and test the app free of charge with the construction kit and only pay money when you publish the app.

But what do you get for your money with an app creator? Generally, applications are that above all Texts and pictures include, easy to implement with an app construction kit. The kits are especially suitable for small to medium sized businesses and organizationswho want to use the app to provide information about products, services or specific topics. Many app makers also allow the creation of an online shop, which also Shopping apps have it implemented.

Continue to include RSS feeds and Push notifications to the features of many app builders. They are suitable, for example, for designing a news app or an application that provides information about events. But also other device functions like Geotargeting or that Integration of the camera in an app are feasible with some providers, albeit with some drawbacks.

However, many features that are known from other apps can be hardly or not at all with an app maker. The integration of native device functions such as the camera, microphone or Bluetooth is - if at all possible - significantly limited. On the other hand, some features are not supported at all - such as the use of a smartphone's acceleration sensor. Video games can also hardly be implemented with the usual app construction kits. There are now also providers specializing in app games such as GameSalad; however, you can only use these to access ready-made 2D graphics and specified game world elements.