Pigs are ungulates

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What do cattle and horses, deer and donkeys, reindeer and giraffes have in common? They are mammals, herbivores, have four legs - and hooves on their feet. They all step with their tip-toes (tip-toe walkers). The toes are surrounded by a solid layer of horn - the hooves - that protect them from injury. One, two, three or four toes? The ungulates are divided into ungulates and ungulates. Artifacts have an even number of toes. They include B. cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, roe deer, deer and giraffes. The odd-toed ungulates have one or three toes, an odd number of toes. Horses, zebras and donkeys only have one toe. The rhinoceros is also an odd-toed ungulate. It has three toes. Many ungulates have horns and antlers. They serve as thrust weapons. Horns keep growing. Cattle, sheep and goats, for example, bear horns. Horns coat the bone cones that grow from the frontal bone. They are hollow, made of horn, and grow longer every year. Both males and females have horns. Antlers are thrown off. B. Deer and roe deer wear antlers. Antlers are made of bones that keep branching out. They are thrown off every year. Then they grow back again. Antlers are only worn by the males. Only in the reindeer do males and females wear antlers. What do ungulates eat? Most ungulates are herbivores. Only pigs are omnivores. Plants are difficult to digest and contain few nutrients. In order to be able to digest food better, herbivores have a very long digestive system. Depending on the type of digestion, a distinction is made between non-ruminants and ruminants (page 86). Almost all ungulates have herbivorous teeth. They have large molars with enamel folds. These grind and grind the vegetable food like a grater. The fusion folds wear out over time. Therefore you can tell the age of the animals from the teeth. B1 B2 B3 B4 A1 –W– Write the correct picture number for explanation. Horns are bone cones that are coated with horn. Antlers are made of bones and are shed every year. Horn hooves protect the toes of ungulates. Enamel folds grind the food like a grater. 84 Hoofed animals - well-shod For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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