What are some winter nail polish colors

The nail polish trends for autumn and winter

The colors of the fingernails are like fashion. Some things are in, some are out.

“You can also see the first trends in nail polish on the catwalks of international fashion designers,” explains shopping advisor Ritchie Karkowski from Timmendorfer Strand in Schleswig-Holstein.

Accordingly, various topics would prevail in the autumn-winter season. This includes opulently designed nails, which are often gold or silver and are often provided with glitter. These variants are often used with a deliberate contrast in the fall, for example with athleisure outfits, i.e. sporty clothing such as leggings or sweatpants, or a rough tweet, says Karkowski.

Neutral tones for almost every outfit

Exactly the opposite is presented by another, subtle trend this season: "Nude remains a big topic in autumn and winter", says Filiz Christoph, owner of the Adam & Eve Beauty Lounge in Hamburg. The beauty expert knows the reason for the unbroken triumph of the nude nails: They always look well-groomed and the neutral tones go well with very different outfits.

Speaking of fitting: "Now the color of the fingernails is increasingly being adapted to the outfit," says Christoph. "You paint them in a tone that is also used in a piece of clothing."

Half-painted fingernails: the trend of the hour

In addition to nude and opulent metallic variants, another variant that was heavily featured on the catwalks is also making a name for itself: half-varnished nails. Only the tips or one side of the nail are painted in color. “The rest is then put with clear coat,” explains shopping advisor Karkowski.

In addition to all the new products, there are a number of very classic elements that are also popular this autumn. “This includes black as a nail polish color,” says Melanie Paukner, beauty editor at the fashion magazine “Glamor” from Munich. In fact, black has been an autumn / winter trend for nail polishes for a long time.

In addition, gemstone colors such as emerald green, sapphire blue or ruby ​​red are also in demand, says Paukner. Incidentally, this does not mean that you have to choose one color for all nails - on the contrary: Different tones, so that every nail looks different, are also in vogue.

If you like it particularly striking, you can look forward to it. Because, according to Filiz Christoph, “neon tones continue to accompany us in autumn”. And she also has a tip for everyone who likes things less flashy: Matt lacquers can also be used to set accents.

Back to naturalness: short fingernails are the order of the day

But it's not just colors or textures that are in focus. The shapes also change. This autumn, “Glamor” editor Paukner has stated that short nails with rounded corners are more popular than long claws.

This fits in with another trend from the catwalks: "Clearcoat was also seen very often," observed Ritchie Karkowski. The term for it is naked nails.

In order for these “bare nails” to look really good, they have to be well cared for and brought into shape. If you want to do something good for your fingernails, you can also use nail hardener instead of clear varnish for naked nails.

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