Why is Harry Potter an idiot

Hey Leutz ... This is a "little" addition to "How do I get rid of him - in 10 days?" And should be used for the continuation "How do I get him around - in 10 days?" Or as soon as possible? "(I should think of a couple of shorter titles ^^) a bit important (so you can read it without adding anything but ... you know ...)




An article by Rita Kimmkron

Ronald W. * (16) a red-haired boy.
A student like any other?
We have learned some very interesting details from a reliable source!
Yesterday at 7:30 p.m. said student wanted to throw himself from the astronomy tower out of desperation.

Now we ask ourselves: is it planned or just stupid?

For years he was overshadowed by Harry Potter (as we reported), always as our hero's best friend. Wouldn't it be possible that he finally wants attention? That he wants to break away from this reputation? That he no longer wants to be the silly boy next to Harry Potter? Is fame more important to him? Or is there maybe more to it?
Former teacher Gilderoy Lockart advises: “Fame is a wrong friend! To be glorious also means to act glorious ...! "
One thing is certain: Ronald W. made the breakthrough overnight! He is known! All details can be found on pages 7,8,9 and 10!

Your Rita Skeeter!

* Name changed by editorial staff
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