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Master's course on distributed business information systems


After a basic explanation of important terms of distributed application systems, the book conveys principles, concepts and models of distributed application development such as the RPC model, message passing, distributed procedures, distributed objects, distributed transactions and distributed components, whereby many practically important technologies are introduced as case studies. The technological approaches discussed are also compared. Fundamental assistance for the design of distributed architectures of business information systems is discussed and SOA concepts including web services as a special SOA implementation variant are also discussed. Likewise, essential concepts of transaction processing in distributed information systems are considered, especially under the aspect of practical usability, and their practical implementation is discussed on the basis of case studies from specific technologies. Many facts are clearly illustrated with many pictures. A collection of exercise questions for post-processing the material is attached to each chapter. Additional material can be found on the associated website.


Architecture Information System Information Systems MOM Object Objects Remote Procedure Call Server Systems Technologies Distributed Components Distributed Services Web Service Business Information Systems Distributed Systems

About the authors

Peter Mandl is a professor of business informatics at Munich University of Applied Sciences specializing in distributed systems, data communication and operating systems.

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