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Wolnzacher Feststadel



2 Pfaffenhofener StadtZeitung Fr.,: Vernissage exhibition My dearest picture Citizens bring pictures !, Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein e. V., clock, Kulturhalle, Ambergerweg; Opening times: 28./29. March and 3rd / 4th / 5th / 6th April from 3 to 6 p.m., free admission. Fri.,: Vernissage exhibition of the vhs-freunde, clock, municipal gallery in the house of encounter, Hauptplatz 47; to Sun., Mon. Fri. 9 12 a.m., Sat, Sun and public holidays; Free entry. Fri.: Workshop on spring and Easter decorations, Ambiente Collection, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Fichtestr. 6; Info on Tel / Sa.,: Guided tour of the bunker tour, 11 a.m., bunker area, Heimgartenweg; Admission: 5 euros, registration. at www. city ​​tours-pfaffenhofen. de or Tel / Sa.,: Werkstatt-Café, 2 to 6 p.m., Mehrgenerationenhaus Fam-Netz, Ambergerweg 3. Sa.,: Open chess group, 2 to 6 p.m., possibly community center, J.-M.-Lutz-Str . 1; Free admission, information on Tel / Sa.,: Battle of Pfahofa, Stadtjugendpflege, 6:00 pm, Youth Center Frontstage, Lower City Wall, 2nd Sat.,: Spring concert, town band, clock, Aula Schyren-Gymnasium, Niederscheyerer Str. 4; Admission: 9 euros / schoolchildren 5 euros. Sat .: Wildkräuter concert (rock, pop, country), 9 p.m., sound cellar in the Stegerbräu; Free entry. Sat .: Sünzhauser strong beer festival, Sünzhausen fire brigade, 6 p.m., fire station, Sünzhausen. Sa.,: Spring exhibition Spring Lusciousness and Easter Mood, Ambiente Collection, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Fichtestr. 6; Information under Tel / Sale of season swimming tickets in Pfaffenhofen begins Pfaffenhofen. The 2015 swimming season in the outdoor pool begins on May 8th. Season swimming tickets are now available in the indoor swimming pool at the secondary school. Season tickets will be on sale there until April 19 during the opening times there (Wednesday and Thursday 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Friday 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Saturday 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.). The bathing cards are then available in the administration building on Sigleck, room 3.01 (Monday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). The season tickets are only sold at the pool counter after the pool opens. You must bring these cards with you to extend the season tickets from last year. A current passport photo is required to reissue a season ticket. The prices have not changed compared to the previous year. More information on discounts can be found on the leaflets in the town hall or on the Internet at www. pfaffenhofen.de/sozialrabatt. Campaign Clean Landscape 2015 in Nandlstadt Nandlstadt. On Saturday, March 28th, the Clean Landscape campaign will take place in the Nandlstadt community. The meeting is at 9 a.m. at Bauhof Nandlstadt, Hausmehringer Str. 28. The action will probably be over around 12 p.m. Afterwards there is a little refreshment for the helpers. All clubs, hunting companions, schoolchildren and the entire population are cordially invited to participate. Please help to clean the roadsides and public facilities of rubbish that is thrown away again and again in nature by incorrigible dirt finches. For your safety, you should wear a reflective vest. Anyone who can provide an off-road vehicle is asked to inform the environmental officer Erhard Schönegge, phone / or 0170 /, schoenegge.de. Thank you very much for your active participation and active support! Wolnzacher Feststadel Passion concert on Palm Sunday in the Martinskirche in Spitalhof Spitalhof. To get in the mood for Holy Week, exquisite vocal and instrumental works from the Baroque and Romantic periods will be heard on Palm Sunday, March 29th at 5 p.m. in the Martinskirche in Spitalhof. Karin Law Robinson-Riedl (soprano and violin) and Bettina Walter-Heinz (mezzo-soprano) make music with the organist Hans Feigl. In addition to well-known classics such as the alto aria Erbarme dich, mein Gott from Bach's St. Matthew Passion, listeners can experience seldom heard treasures such as Bach's 4th Sonata for violin and organ or I waited for the Lord from Mendelssohn's Lobgesang. Admission is free, donations are welcome. Theater in Manching: Midsummer night's dreams in Semmelreuth Manching. Midsummer Night's Dreams in Semmelreuth is the name of the piece that Ingolstadt-based author Carmen Mayer wrote and that will be shown under her direction from April 10th in the auditorium in the Lindenkreuz: Semmelreuth has a problem. A piece of pants fabric was found on the window of the ladies' room in the new community center, which is due to be inaugurated shortly. In the eyes of the moral apostle Theres, this allows only one conclusion: A tensioner is among the local people and he has to be found! Only her good spouse Schorsch and the pastor are completely out of suspicion. But that is not the only thing that makes his room the focal point of the upcoming celebration. Mayor Sepp fights with the slogan In brevity lies the spice for his opening speech, his Walli is looking for a solo part for the women's choir, which she hopes to find in the pastor's new housekeeper. Quota prussian Waldemar has casting problems for his Shakespeare play Midsummer Night's Dream, his bride Isolde is looking for a suitable piece of music and Dorfunikum Annamirl is always in the wrong place at the wrong time ... Performance dates are: Friday and Saturday, each time at 6 p.m. Sunday, the afternoon show begins at 2 p.m., which is free for seniors aged 65 and over, and the evening show starts at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m. in the auditorium in Lindenkreuz. Tickets are available from Elektro Schmid in Manching, Bergstr. 24, Tel / The physical well-being is well taken care of. 2 Sun .: dress rehearsal, 2 p.m., 1st performance 8 p.m., Theaterverein Uttenhofen. Mon.,: You are the garden show, PAFundDu Citizens' Conference, Nature in PAF GmbH, 7 p.m., Festsaal Rathaus, Hauptplatz 1. Sun., to Thurs., 2. 4: Skateboard workshop, Studio_Projekt, 1 p.m. to p.m., skate hall ; Registrations in the youth office Backstage, Münchener Str. 9 or by email: fenhofen.de or phone / Ideal for family celebrations of all kinds and company events such as training etc. Book your appointment requests now for phone / Mon. Thu. and Fri. Neugablonz Pfaffenhofen. The senior citizen's office will go to Neugablonz on April 15th and visit the exhibition of the Gablonzer Industrie Schmuck und more. The adventure exhibition primarily presents costume jewelry from the Gablonz industry in a wide variety of styles. After refreshment in the club house in Neugablonz, we continue to the Jizera Mountains Museum. A wonderful world of glass, fashion jewelry and imitations made of sparkling glass stones and colored pearls that has been the profession of the Gablonz industry for almost 200 years. Then we continue to the Ammersee. Seats are reserved for dinner in the beautifully situated Seehof in Herrsching. Departure at the Volksfestplatz and Protestant church at 7.45 a.m. The trip costs 18.50 euros. Registration in the senior citizens office at /

3 Invitation to the entrepreneur breakfast in Mainburg: Body language Mainburg. Body language is the topic of the entrepreneur breakfast on Thursday, March 26th at eight o'clock at the Business Academy Hallertau, Mainburg. The speaker is Kristin Weiherer, media educator from Regensburg. Body language is an important tool to make a good and competent impression. It is important how you present yourself, how you confidently master different situations and how you are steadfast and self-confident at work. Body language expresses more than many think. Even if you don't speak, you communicate. Often unconsciously, everyone shows their emotional state to the outside and sends signals to their counterpart. In the lecture, the speaker explains what these are and how the reactions are. The Hallertau Business Academy invites all interested parties from companies, associations and authorities to the event. After the lecture there is the possibility to exchange ideas over breakfast. Registrations under the telephone number / or mat de. Admission is free. YEARS COMMERCIAL FAIR MANCHING THE FAMILY FAIR BUILD ENERGY LEISURE TIME LIFESTYLE Senior Citizens' Office Pfaffenhofen: Invitation to a social get-together in Pfaffenhofen. Every last Tuesday of the month (next time on March 31), interested parties meet in the Hofbergsaal of the Pfaffenhofen senior citizens' office for a convivial get-together. Under the direction of Erna and Franz Brückl, there will be singing and history holiday reading hours in the Pfaffenhofener Stadtbücherei Pfaffenhofen. Under the motto Short Stories for the Easter Holidays, the city library in the House of Encounter invites all children from kindergarten to elementary school age to the Easter holidays - FREE ADMISSION TO HEALTH! Family fair with a long tradition Around 300 exhibitors will be offering their goods and services at the 20th Manching trade fair, and around 1,000 visitors are expected. There is a colorful supporting program for young and old, so everyone gets their money's worth. This event has developed into one of the largest and most popular trade fairs in the region in recent years. No admission is required and, in addition to numerous, mostly regional exhibitors, also offers many other highlights. Motorcycles, cars and tractors are presented at the large classic car meeting. 600 to 700 vehicles can be admired there over two days. At the same time, there is a large classic car parts market, which is eagerly awaited in the region every year. The biker morning pint is popular with all motorcyclists in the region. At the Spring Festival you can visit fieries and rides. Of course, the physical well-being from sweet to savory is taken care of. In addition, 7 dance groups perform in the marquee on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. The dance styles range from ballet, hip-hop, street dance, rock n roll to show dance. There are actors with around 140 children and young people. There is also a lot on offer for the very little ones, whether storytellers in the children's paradise or the popular bouncy castle. We have grown into a real family fair, says managing director Walter Schauß, who has been setting this up for 20 years and organizing the whole fair. On the area of ​​around square meters of the Barthelmarkt you will fi nd kitchen utensils, craft stalls, regional handicrafts, as well as horticulturists, jewelery dealers and clothing stands. This time the fair will take place from April 24th to April 26th and Mr. Schauß, wine merchant from Oberstimm, is looking forward to the numerous visitors. More information is available directly on the homepage at ten listened. Here you have the opportunity to experience an entertaining, entertaining afternoon with coffee and cake. The start is always at 2 p.m. Registration is not required. Information in the senior citizen's office on 08441 / en for two hours of reading. Reading takes place on Wednesday, April 1st and 8th, at 10 a.m. in the city library and takes about 30 to 45 minutes. FLOHMARKT due to dissolution of the household on from 9.00 a.m. in Paunzhausen, Parkstr. 1 Telephone / or / Agricultural land wanted in Wolnzach-Gosseltshausen / Starzhausen. Tel / Mon Thu / We bring warmth into your house! Wood briquettes from 200, bark briquettes from 250, embers holder wood pellets from 265, firewood from 65, / Pfaffenhofener StadtZeitung Wed., April 1: Short stories for children, 10 am, House of Encounters, Hauptplatz 47; for children from kindergarten to elementary school age. Thursday, April 2nd: Artothek lending, 3 to 6 p.m., extension of the Spitalkirche, Hauptplatz 32. Thursday, April 2nd: SPD strong beer festival Demokrator, with D Raith sisters and da Blaimer, clock, old Müllerbräusaal, upper main square; Admission: 18. / AK: 20. Euro (reduction for schoolchildren / students). Geisenfelder StadtAnzeiger Fr.,: General Assembly, TV Geisenfeld, Uhr, Geisenfelder Hof. Fri / Sat, 27./28. 3rd: Strong beer festival, clock, Landgasthof Riedmeier, Ernsgaden. Fri / Sat, 27./28. 3rd: The Gockel-Kriag, Nöttinger Theaterfreunde, clock, Fuchssaal, Regensburger Str. 17. Sa.,: Annual general meeting, FFW Rottenegg, 7pm, fire station, Rottenegg. Sat .: Watt tournament, horse lovers, 7 p.m., Reiterstüberl, Ernsgaden. Sun .: Palm Sunday with a solemn entry, clock, parish church, Ernsgaden. Sun.,: The Gockel-Kriag, Nöttinger Theaterfreunde, 7pm, Fuchssaal, Regensburger Str. 17. Fri.,: Folk dance course, Kolping family Au, Uhr, Pfarrheim Au. Fri.,: Workshop wall design with clay, Schmiedhaus, 6 to 9 p.m., Hauptstr. 20, Rudelzhausen-Grafendorf; Costs: 20 euros / pairs 35 euros. Sat.,: Annie & the Dusty Boots, 8 p.m., Westernsaloon Okee Dokee, Ahornweg 1. Sat.,: Clean landscape campaign, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Markt Au; Information: Market administration, Tel / Sun.,: Plant exchange and annual general meeting, Beekeeping and Fruit Growing Association Enzelhausen, 2 p.m., Maierwirt, Enzelhausen. Sun .: Palm consecration, 9.30 am, Kindergarten Maria de la Paz, afterwards procession to the church followed by a service for small children. 3rd

4 AMPER Lichtspiele Telefon / D Sony Digital Cinema 4K Wolnzach You can find out our current cinema program at Fri./Sat., 27./28.3 .: Starkbierfest, TSV Rohrbach, 7 p.m., TSV- Vereinsheim, Rohrbach. Sat., March 28th: ​​Solidarity march, KDFB Gebrontshausen, 2 p.m.; Catering for the participants on arrival. Saturday, March 28th: ​​Annual General Meeting VdK, 2 p.m., Pfarrheim Wolnzach; Registration with Ms. Meyer, Tel / or Ms. Hosbach, Tel / 3534. Sat., March 28th: ​​Rose cutting course, fruit and horticultural association Rohr / Gambach, 3 p.m., Rohr fire station. Sun., March 29th: Sale of self-made palm trees, KDFB Gebrontshausen, before the service. Inferior agricultural land (e.g. marginal strips) sought as compensation area for skylark program (total area 1.2 ha). Tel / Mon Thu / Animals are looking for a home The Beatles musical All you need is love! on a major tour in 2015 Ingolstadt. The Beatles are the most famous band of all time. Although their era lasted only ten years, the success and enthusiasm for their music continues almost 45 years after their breakup and almost 35 years after the tragic murder of John Lennon. With the Beatles musical All you need is love! the producer Bernhard Kurz sets a monument for the Fab Four and brings a musical biography onto the stage that is much more than just a tribute concert. From February 20 to May 24, 2015, the show will tour Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On Tuesday, from 8 p.m., the musical journey from the performances in the Kaiserkeller and the Star Club to the breakthrough and the worldwide Beatlemania will be a guest in the Ingolstadt Theater (Festsaal), Schloßlände 1, Ingolstadt. Tickets from 43.90 to 73.90 euros are available at Eventim.de and at all known advance booking offices. Invitation to a Sunday hike with senior citizens Pfaffenhofen. The Hofberg Seniors Office invites you to go on a hike on. The meeting point is at the Volksfestplatz. From there we walk along the Ilm and Biberweg to the Fischerhütte, where we strengthen ourselves together for the way back. Registration is not required. You can get information from the senior citizens' office on Tel / Sun., 29.3 .: Frühschoppen, Beekeeping Association Wolnzach, 10 am, Gasthof Zur Post. Sun., March 29th: Way of the Cross to Kalvarienberg, KDFB Gebrontshausen, clock; in bad weather in the parish church. Sun., March 29th: Spring concert, Wolnzach market band, 5 p.m., Hallertau-Gymnasium; Free entry. Mon., March 30th: Annual general meeting, historical circle, 8 p.m., Gasthof zur Post. Wed., 1.4 .: Musicians' regulars table, Bavaria, custom and folk music, 8 p.m., Alter Wirt inn, Rohrbach. Thursday, April 2nd: Traditional sports quiz, SV Fahlenbach, 21.15, club house, Fahlenbach. VdK Annual General Meeting: The VdK Wolnzach holds its annual general meeting on Saturday, March 28th in the Catholic parish hall. Start is at 2 p.m. The local association asks its members to attend in large numbers. Fresh firewood for sale Spruce / pine split, pickup 54, / Ster Mobil / STECKERLFISCH ON GOOD FRIDAY at the parking lot at the special price hardware store in Wolnzach. Pre-orders by phone 0170 / The mistress of the 14-year-old cat Paul has to look for a new home for her darling because of relocation. If that doesn't work, he'd have to be taken to an animal shelter, which would tear her heart apart. A nursing place would also be of great help. The black cat has been a well-adjusted diabetic for 6 years, otherwise organically and physically healthy. His current owner would continue to contribute to any medical costs for Paul. Paul is an indoor cat. He grew up with another cat and knows (or ignores) babies. He doesn't like dogs that much. Paul is a somewhat shy, very cuddly and affectionate cat. Further information about Paul is available from: Tel / or Kolping family Au collects clothes and waste paper Pfaffenhofen. When cancer is diagnosed, life changes. Not only the person concerned has to learn to deal with the new situation. The everyday life of partners, children, relatives and close friends is also changing. What can we expect as a family? What do I tell my children and how? These and similar questions often concern mothers and fathers, both when they have cancer themselves, but also when a close family member or support options for children and adolescents and helpful experiences for everyday life as a couple, family or parent are concerned. March 25th at o'clock in the HofbergsaalAfter the event there is still time to answer questions and talk to each other. Admission is free. Trio Infernale first classical concert in the Atrium Au / Hallertau. On Saturday, April 11th, thanks to paper collectors, the Kolping Family Au Kolping Family Au is collecting clothes for the Münchsmünster. On Friday at 9 pm and waste paper. Sacks for paper and clothing donation. Clothes are in the bakery The proceeds go to the Haslach Church Foundation for the Saniemeinde Münchsmünster Clock is organized by the Gabelsberger, the Radlmeir butcher, the sun pharmacy, the church in Haslach. the first classical concert Landhandel Stark, Sparkasse Au, Allianz Faltermeier dersäcke and Altpapierbün- atrium of the newly built On the pick-up day please bring the Klei- with the Trio Infernale im Au, gas station Heigl, screw kini, post office Au, Kinschetzt on the roadside Whether Brazilian samba, del from 8 a.m. before it rains, multigenerational house. derland Second Hand, Beverage Market Appel, City Hall, tag ready to un- Swing, Klezmer, Japanese posts. Please avoid picking up the Finnish Tango, Gipsy-Kebaphaus am Netto, Pizza justified pick-up by Geisha songs, Irish Jigs Calabria and third parties in the parish hall. Ours or Bossa Nova that. Gathering takes place in the following municipal areas: marked as such. Sound worlds that are far beyond collection vehicles, all Trio Infernale moved to Au, Halsberg, Haslach, Günzenhausen, Seysdorf, Osselt - please go beyond overlooked goods. In the event of irregularities or the familiar from Weltmuhausen, Rudertshausen and Tel / or Die Arrangements, the Osterwaal. Call the loyal 0170 /. three musicians for their instrumentation violin, cello, guitar writing themselves, lecture cancer in the family are varied and show a love of detail. What what do children need? you can hear and see if someone from the family is passionate and expressive, the best friend of the children, who is passionate about the joy of life. With the mixed with instrumental verve and virtuosity. All in all a very entertaining evening at a high level. Tickets for EUR 15 are available in advance from the Dußmann bakery, Münchsmünster, Telefon /, from Hosen Hans, Neustadt / Donau, Telefon / or at de. Remaining tickets for EUR 18 are available at the box office.

5 Location portrait You want to shop in a relaxed way, maybe enjoy an espresso or an ice cream in between and then visit an art exhibition or a cultural event? Then Geisenfeld is the place for you. Let's start with shopping. Regardless of whether it is flowers, clothing, decorative items or antiques for your home, delicacies and summery wines, you will find everything your heart desires and everything that goes with a perfect shopping spree. Men's hearts beat faster in the building trade or, for example, when visiting the stonemason. But one is for sure. With a small snack or a refreshing ice cream, people meet again on the sun terraces of the ice cream parlors and restaurants. For art inter- you want solutions that suit you. We'd be happy to advise you. AXA general agency Josef Glas Münchener Str Geisenfeld Tel .: / Construction center Geisenfeld Rathausstr. 7 Owner: Gianluca D Isep Geisenfeld Your partner for construction, handicrafts, house and garden lovers, the town hall has changing and interesting exhibitions ready all year round. Always during the opening times of the town hall and of course with free admission. The numerous cultural events also usually take place in the town hall. We are open and look forward to your visit. on 2400 m 2 sales area DIY store and building materials trade. Immediately: Own color mixes for exterior and interior colors / 7 instead. There are currently a number of concerts with selected artists under the motto Spring Symphony. You can find the current program and the advance booking offices at any time on the Internet at or directly in the town hall. As part of the FC Bayern Stars visit the fan clubs campaign, the De roadn Bomber fan club, which was only founded in June 2014, had the luck of the draw and welcomed them to the Holger Badstuber in Geisenfeld. The event was a great success. Both the fan club members and all guests big and small had a lot of fun with the friendly and down-to-earth FC Bayern professional. The fan club donates the proceeds from the afternoon with the Bayern star in equal parts to the Dominik Brunner Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Aid Munich. Henriette Staudter received the proud donation of 700 euros from the two chairmen Sandy Schmich and Tobias Anders, to her great joy on March 11th. This amount will be used for the second part of a seminar on special respiratory therapy training for cystic fibrosis physiotherapists, which will take place in May. Your specialist shop for Gardena-Gartensysteme Hardware, Key Service, Gardening Equipment, Power tools from and tools and much more.Gmelch Glass, porcelain, household and iron goods Maximilianstrasse Geisenfeld Tel .: / 430 Geisenfeld also has a lot to offer for all sports enthusiasts. In addition to numerous sports clubs and sports groups that regularly offer courses and activities for non-members as well, as well as the indoor swimming pool, there is the free-of-charge exercise park that is freely accessible to all citizens. Sports events such as the regular hop triathlon and the 24-hour run complete the offer. There are also many leisure activities waiting for families with children. Numerous cycling and hiking trails, the Feilenmoos with the bathing ponds and the Feilenforst bring variety and fun to the G.P Geisenfeld G. Pichlmeier Nöttinger Str. 34 Master stonemason and stone sculptor Natural stone work Expert advice Planning and execution of beautiful things for the senses Sunday afternoon; and all year round. The leisure program is rounded off with four shopping Sundays and associated markets per year as well as a citizens' festival, the wine festival, the Whitsun Open Air and the large folk festival. As you can see, Geisenfeld is always worth a visit and especially worth a shopping spree. Because here you will find a large variety of competent and well-stocked retail and handicrafts with friendly and, above all, expert advice, combined with gastronomy and multi-faceted culture. We look forward to you! Geisenfeld Krankenhausstr / opening times: Mon. Fri. Sat. o'clock Exquisite home accessories and unusual gift ideas for the beginning of spring: Fritz Müller Perlwein the German answer to Prosecco! And another drink tip: Fritz Müller sparkling wine rosé with a panicle of currants or a mint leaf. The whole thing, well chilled, is very refreshing! Edith s Wein + Senses, Klosterhof 5, Geisenfeld Recommended by our media advisor Petra Schäfer. From now on 50% off all Easter items! Opening times: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Monday closed Owner Johann W. Härtl, Tel /, 5

6 Fit and beautiful in spring Active in spring After cozy winter evenings by the fireplace, many people find it difficult to look for an Easter present ?! PACKAGE S »1 taster week of fitness and cardio training» use of the wellness area »gymnastics & aerobics lessons of your choice» 1 consultation & instruction hour »1 visit to the solarium (max. 12 min.) 29 for Easter PACKAGE M» 2 taster weeks of fitness and cardio training »use of the wellness area» Gymnastics & aerobics lessons of your choice »1 consultation & instruction hour» 2 visits to the solarium (max. 12 min.) 39 for Easter »1 month fitness and cardio training» Use of the wellness area »gymnastics & aerobics lessons of your choice» 1 consultation & instruction hour »4 visits to the solarium (max. 12 min.) for PACKAGE L 59 WE ARE FAMILY POSITIVE FITNESS WOLZNACH PREYSINGSTR. 64 // WOLNZACH TELEFON to stir up movement, although they have made the resolution to make a fresh start with the beginning of spring. If you want to start a sports program now, you should take it slow and not the Easter 10-pass sauna ... 79, 10-pass solarium ... 35, 10-pass aerobics card ... 88, 10-pass card equipment & cardio 88, 10-pass cardio training card .. 78, expect him to be in top shape again immediately. Now the long winter months are over. Sport is now the order of the day. After all, the only way to stay healthy and slim is to exercise. So get out into nature and just start sprinting? Better not, because you can't expect to be back in top form in two or three weeks after hibernation. Elderly people in particular do well to undergo a medical health check before exercising in order to identify possible risk factors and diseases in good time and to adjust their exercise accordingly. Sport is not murder if you consider the following: Choose the sport according to your own inclinations and wishes. It should be fun. No time for training? Try EMS ACTION !!! Campaign until Easter 2015 !!! .. WOLZ Medi-Sport: The Health Center Under no circumstances should you struggle with an unpopular sport, otherwise the resolve to exercise is doomed to failure from the start. Cycling or taking a quick walk can easily be incorporated into everyday life. But also many other activities, e.g. B. Nordic walking or rowing help to get fit. Those who want to be independent of the weather can choose indoor sports such as swimming or gymnastics or do gymnastics at home. Regularity is the be-all and end-all. Half an hour of exercise every day strengthens the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system, lowers cholesterol and melts the love handles. Those who work should use the lunch break for a walk. Exercise outdoors only with clothing appropriate for the weather. Ideally according to the onion skin principle (several layers). Do not do without the headgear, as the body dissipates a lot of heat through the head. Foot-friendly footwear goes without saying. Warm up your muscles, warm up sufficiently and stretch before exercising. And after exercise, relaxation is the order of the day: drink plenty, take a hot shower and dress warmly. (ket) 6 feet want to be noted. They need care, good shoes and care. In the Bogenrieder practice, the treatment of diabetes, rheumatism and Marcumar patients with their very special worries and needs is of great importance. As a state-recognized podiatrist, Patricia Bogenrieder can offer a variety of therapeutic and effective measures for everything to do with the foot. In the event of circulatory disorders or nerve damage to the diabetic's foot, the cost of the treatment can be covered by the health insurance: The podiatrist Bettina Neumair has also been part of the team for three years. The two committed specialists work closely with other professional groups such as B. Doctors, orthopedic shoemakers and physiotherapists work together to contribute to the achievement of various therapeutic goals in interdisciplinary contact with their treatment. This is usually how it goes pedicure Patricia Bogenrieder: The specialist Patricia Bogenrieder with her team: Gabi Osterhuber (appointments), Patricia Bogenrieder (center) and Bettina Neumair, both of whom work as podiatrists in the practice. about acute foot problems, but also about prevention so that a real emergency does not arise at some point. Patricia Bogenrieder and Bettina Neumair also help with deformations of the feet, with fungal diseases, cornifications and pressure points and carry out a foot anamnesis at the first presentation, if necessary a diabetic sensitivity test using a tuning fork. Another focus at the Bogenrieder practice is the treatment of ingrown nails. With the help of a wire clip, the nail is brought back into its correct shape painlessly. This therapy usually lasts for a year, the patient hardly notices the braces. With a prescription from the doctor, the treatment is in most cases covered by health insurance. Timely treatment protects against unpleasant long-term effects, and prevention is always better than cure! Patricia Bogenrieder certified podiatrist Im Mühlgrund Wolnzach-Gosseltshausen Telephone / Mobile /

7 Living Build better in the Hallertau! Trust the professionals! Do you want to build or modernize? Then you are probably looking for information. You can get them from us. The craftsmen on our website are there for you and know their way around. Many work with years of expertise and experience in building and modernizing. The construction professionals will help you not only imagine your new home, but also see what it will look like later. In doing so, they combine the client's ideas and wishes with their competence and professional recommendation. The result is then the craftsmanship that is optimally tailored to your needs and your lifestyle. The entire economy is in a constant state of flux, which also affects the craft sector. The craftsman who wants to be successful in the market has to orient his thinking and acting accordingly. More than ever, craftsmen are therefore actively approaching customers and opening up new markets. For the client there are currently optimal conditions to carry out renovations or to make his dream of owning a home a reality. In addition, there are historically low interest rates for the financing. There are still tax relief for builders or, especially balconies & fences made of aluminum, stainless steel, wood. Ask about Leeb COLOR & VACU PROTECT! Balcony extensions, balcony floors, partition walls, canopies, stair railings Your on-site advisor and catalog order via and advice and mediation in the field of ecological wooden house construction attractive, subsidies for environmentally conscious building. You will also receive advice from banks and insurers on this. The decisive factor when building, however, is the right sense of proportion in terms of size and equipment, but above all for quality. This requires trust and craftsmanship. You can find both at the craftsmen in our region. With well-founded training, they not only know how to implement innovations, but also about their profitability. B. is good in terms of environmental policy, but it also has to pay off. Spending the time on more planning can save good money. In this way, more offers can be obtained, better solutions or even ingenious overall models can be found. New construction, renovation or renovation - all construction projects are individually planned and implemented by local craftsmen and there are almost no limits to the design. Study plans and details carefully, coordinate the financing promptly and think of all eventualities! You can of course buy (ket) electrical appliances from a specialist. Use your advantage. GmbH Hausnerstraße Burgstall Telephone () Fax The specialist, what is closer, can do more. Let us make an offer. Saturday, Sunday, INVITATION TO A HOUSE TOUR in Hettenshausen, Scheyererstr. 17 from to o'clock Gundolfstr. 18, Schweitenkirchen - Tel.-Nr. Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 6 (industrial area) Telephone () Fax ()

8 Living Solar power from the roof instead of fuel from the filling station 100% emission-free, 100% electric and 100% independent: The signal that is set was decisive when choosing the electric car. The environmentally friendly BMWi3 is charged with alternative electricity from its own photovoltaic system or with green electricity for a range of up to 140 kilometers. Bernhard Spratter, Head of the Renewable Energies team, has already visited many customers with the e-car and advised them on renewable energies. Some customers also tried out the e-car at the appointment and are absolutely thrilled. The i3 has already reached the km mark with absolutely no problems, the longest journey even went as far as South Tyrol. Charging takes about 40 minutes on a high-speed column. Bernhard Spratter is completely satisfied with his BMW i3. This is now the second electric car after the Opel Ampera. Sheer driving pleasure so quiet, so fast, so clean, he says. Every morning, the energy consultant simply charges his electric car at his own charging station on the Elektro-Neuber company premises. Solar power from the roof instead of fuel from the gas station, he smiles. If the electric car can now also be used as storage for the residential building for over 40 years, the owner has free added value and can also use his solar power in the house in the evening. This is already possible in autumn, but unfortunately not yet with the i3. Take advantage of more than 20 years of experience in the planning, construction and operation of photovoltaic systems and benefit from the latest energy management for your step into the world of renewable energies. Let the specialists at Elektro Neuber advise you on the phone /. 8 With our high-quality wooden and vinyl floors, you can bring quality of life and living comfort into your home. We would be happy to advise you on the various options for designing your living space.

9 Housing Determine the total cost of a new building When building, the price of a house does not just include the cost of the land and the building. As a rule, the following additional costs are incurred: Real estate transfer tax: The real estate transfer tax is 3.5 percent of the property purchase price. If, for example, a new building that has already been built is acquired by a property developer, the basis for calculation is Sanitary-Möbius WANNE-IN-WANNE System miba-discount call! R. Möbius Pfaffenhofen Pfaffenhofen Tel. () For the real estate transfer tax not only the price for the property, but for the property and the house! Notary / land registry costs: Notary and court costs are incurred for processing the purchase contract. These are e.g. B.Notary costs for the notarization of the purchase contract, costs for the establishment of the land charge and court costs for the transfer of ownership in the land register. Broker commission: If you found your property through a broker, a commission is also due. How high this is depends on the region and your negotiations with the broker. Commissions between 3 and 7% of the purchase price are common. Development costs: The development costs include expenses for sewerage, laying the main line for gas, electricity and telephone to the property, road construction, etc. You can find out from the municipality what has already been billed and what still has to be paid. Together with the costs of preparing the construction site, e.g. B. for the demolition of old buildings or the removal of contaminated sites, the development costs amount to approx. 6 percent of the total costs. Costs for outdoor facilities: Expenses for outdoor stairs, access roads to the property and the garden are underestimated by many builders. The house connections for gas, water, electricity and telephone from the property line to the house still have to be paid for. Approx. 6% of the total costs must be calculated. Ancillary construction costs: In addition to the price of the house, ancillary construction costs are due, which are usually not included in the fixed prices for turnkey houses. This includes, for example, expenses for earthworks, the construction of a cellar, fees for planners and structural engineers, but also fees for building permits and the measurement of the house. All in all, these ancillary construction costs can amount to around 15% of the house price. Klaus-Dieter Möller Real estate agent SCHEBA, Eschelbach / Wolnzach Hand on it! House sale completely serious With individual advice and transparent documentation, we create trust among all those involved. A successful hand for real estate since 1974 Munich Vormarkt Pfaffenhofen / Ilm Telephone Now the planting time begins! Large selection of container plants ROOM EQUIPMENT Nicole Schug Regensburger Straße Geisenfeld Phone Fax Mobile Own upholstery workshop Curtains & fabrics & accessories Sun protection Bedspreads / pillows Floor coverings Hofmeier GmbH & Co. KG Fichtensteig Wolnzach Tel / Fax / Advertising manager Erika Ketterle / /

10 George Bernard Shaw Our delicacies for Easter! Delicious ham made from organic beef, veal, turkey, natural pork, tender organic lamb, delicious organic cheese from sheep, goat and cow, fine char and trout. Bio-Natur Galster Metzgerei Pfaffenhofen Förnbachstraße 19 Tel / 9803 Easter joys Enjoy Easter in the Hallertau! Easter has always been linked to the joy of the awakening of nature, the light, the freshness, the budding green, the first blossoms. Who doesn't like to enjoy that? Now the days are slowly getting longer again. Nature awakens to new life. The birds are chirping to welcome spring Easter is just around the corner! Nothing is nicer than preparing for Easter with your loved ones. In many places, whole families come to this religious festival for Easter dinner and then celebrate numerous customs and rituals. Because especially with Easter we associate wonderful traditions such as the Easter egg hunt, the joint Easter excursion or the traditional Easter church visit. It is quite interesting that the special significance of Easter is also extremely valuable in numerous other countries and is particularly celebrated here. The Greek Easter festival, for example, is a very sticky fish. In the Ratzenhofen beer garden in Mainburg: Aral gas station, hop hall, Barth & Sohn special experience. But you can also celebrate a nice Easter at home, because thanks to the numerous Easter items available, the mackerel trout butter trout, eel smoked trout large pretzels On Good Friday, if you order in advance (only in Ratzenhofen), you can easily turn your own home into a true Easter paradise. So don't miss out on indulging in the old customs and traditions at Easter. Even today, Easter is all about culinary delights in many families. For the little ones, the search for hidden Easter eggs is one of the highlights of the festival every year, and the grown-ups look forward to a cozy and extensive Easter breakfast, often seamlessly followed by an elaborate Sunday lunch with the family. We wish all our readers a happy Easter with spring-like temperatures and a nice feast! (ket) Workshop for creative spring and Easter decorations on March 27, 2015 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., completely relaxed, because you determine the start and end yourself, as your time allows and participation is FREE. Further information under / or News & Events at address: Fichtenstr. 6 in PAF / Niederscheyern 10 Schulstrasse Pfaffenhofen Tel / Der Osterhase recommends culinary gift ideas and exclusive specialties for Easter: selected top wines, fine brandies and spirits, sparkling sparkling wine and champagne, melt-in-the-mouth chocolates, selected specialties such as oils, vinegars and much more. The Weinzierl family and team look forward to your visit. warm meals daily a.m. and and p.m. Dimitrios Christodoulou Untere Hauptstr. 1, Au i.d.hallertau Reservations: / Spring lust ... and Easter mood Stylish living Imaginative decorating Charming gifts Enjoy our Easter specialties! Please reserve!

11 HALLERTAUER Automarkt Auto-Frühling in Hallertau Numerous manufacturers present new vehicles, many dealers in the region use the next few weeks to present the new spring models. If you don't need a new car, you can now use the first rays of sunshine to make your car shine again with a spring cleaning. After all, cold, snow, ice and, above all, salt have left their mark on many vehicles on the roads. A spring check in the workshop is also advisable so that they can be professionally eliminated. No matter if old or new, a spring cure for the car is never wrong. In addition to checking the fluid levels, this also includes the light test and the possible elimination of defects in this area. The workshop is well equipped for this and can do this professionally, especially with newer vehicles. Here there is also the possibility to look under the vehicle, because moisture and salt have often left the most serious traces here. And what every car urgently needs now is a proper wash. The long winter caused a lot of dirt. Not only because of the fresh look this should now be down. Because above all the road salt attacks the car and has to be removed. Therefore, even if you are otherwise economical with the car wash, you should not do without the underbody wash and wax. The wheels, exhaust system and the rest of the underbody must therefore be checked carefully. But if you drive to the car wash, on the side of the road or in the garage entrance, it is often forbidden to wash your car because of groundwater protection. If you lend a hand yourself: Do not spray the flanks of the tires with a steam jet, otherwise they could be destroyed. Also, be careful when washing the underbody so that the heater does not attack the underbody protection. When you have washed thoroughly, they will come to light: small or even larger damage to the paintwork that can be caused by grit. You can work on smaller areas yourself with primer and touch-up pens from the car accessories store. If there is a lot of damage or if you have a lot of damage, have a specialist look it up before your car rusts away. If you are the lucky owner of a convertible and have now brought it out of hibernation, you should also check the top so that you are not surprised in the spring shower. Does the automatic still work? Did the soft top survive the winter without damage? If the summer wheels are mounted, the tread depth should be measured and the air pressure is also important; don't forget the spare wheel is also part of it. If the TÜV is also correct, the journey into spring can almost begin. So, let's get out and into the spring! But also make sure that you have to reckon with children, hikers and cyclists playing again! The animals are also becoming more active again. So, Autohaus Reith be careful in forest areas or near lakes. The team of Aktion Der Hallertauer wishes you a good trip! (ket) 11

12 HALLERTAUER Automarkt On fresh feet into spring? Two O s set the pace for changing from summer to winter tires and back in the motor vehicle trade: October and Easter. The TÜV experts are now often asked when is the right time to change winter tires. Expect low temperatures and even snow until the end of April. The ADAC informs us that winter tires are also safer when traveling over Easter. The winter tire requirement ends on April 15th. Nevertheless, it is advisable to wait a little longer until the road surfaces have warmed up. Due to its rubber compound, the summer tire loses its grip significantly at low temperatures, even in dry weather conditions, as its rubber compound hardens at low temperatures, such as those found in autumn, winter and also in the beginning of spring. With summer tires, the braking distance is much longer than with winter tires under these conditions. When it gets warmer again, summer tires have a clear advantage. The TÜV experts therefore only recommend changing tires when the temperature is warmer. (ket) CORSA Fasold Car Service Our service for you: Repairs from all manufacturers Customer service service Accident repairs Pick-up and delivery service with replacement vehicle 24 hours. Recovery and towing service Pörnbacher Str Langenbruck Tel .: / Fax: / Georg Guld Motor vehicle master workshop Brake specialist motor vehicle Repairs of all kinds Shock absorber and tire service Accident repairs TÜV / AU at Otto-Hahn-Str Pfaffenhofen Telephone / Hopfenstrasse 55a Wolnzach Tel / Fax / 48 85