ICloud How can the calendar be improved

Of course there is also something for Apple users here. The third option for calendar synchronization is to connect to iCloud, Apple's calendar service. If you want to connect your iCloud calendar to Teamleader, then follow these steps:

1. Go to your profile picture in the top right corner, navigate to Integrations / Marketplace and look for "Apple iCloud Calendar".

2. After you have selected the integration, click on "Add" and "Authorize"to grant the required access.

3. You will then be asked to enter your username and password. Since Apple has activated 2-factor authentication as an additional measure of security, you have to create an application-specific password and use this to activate the integration with Teamleader.

4. Click on "Check data" to establish the connection. Once this is successful, you have several options:

  • a calendar with which the appointments from Teamleader are synchronized
  • several calendars from which you want to import entries to Teamleader
  • Synchronization of your tasks and calls from Teamleader to your personal calendar


  • Entries that come from your personal planning are displayed as gray blocks in your Teamleader calendar so that your colleague cannot see your personal appointments. You can convert these entries into a visible calendar entry in Teamleader by clicking your right mouse button
  • Since the connection works in both directions, changes in Teamleader or your Apple iCloud calendar are always synchronized; The synchronization runs every half an hour in the background. However, if it should be necessary, you can start the synchronization manually. To do this, go to Calendar and click the synchronization icon On the right side.