Has any guy ever smelled your underwear

A fetishist explains why he is turned on by wearing women's underwear

I was recently standing at the bus stop and absently swiping through Tinder when I received a remarkable Instagram message: "Hi, I got your profile from your Tinder bio. I wanted to ask if it might be possible to get you some money for a certain To give garment? "

Thanks to the third season Orange is the New Black I know there is a thriving market for used underwear on the internet. Many people, mostly men, are extremely turned on by sniffing worn panties while masturbating. I wasn't really shocked that the panty business had shifted from obscure internet forums to Instagram. But never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that a panty sniff would be attracted to my Tinder profile.

Whether I accepted his offer is up to your imagination. What was certain, however, was that as a serious journalist I couldn't let this fantastic opportunity for an anonymous interview pass me by.

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VICE: When did you buy your first pair of used underwear?
Underpants sniffers: That must have been 2012. I was 20 then.

Has that always been a fetish of yours or was there a certain experience that made you do it?
When I was young, I stole clean panties from my buddy's sister. So the interest was there. But it wasn't until the end of my teenage years, when I was in my early 20s, that I really started to love used underwear.

What do you like about worn underwear?
I love the smell and the fantasies I have when I smell it. I think about what she did with it. I also like the sexy shape and the signs of use. Sometimes a photo of used underpants is enough to get me in the mood.

How often do you buy new panties?
I bought the last one in November last year. I can't afford them too often. I don't have that much money, and it also depends on whether the woman I ask even wants to sell me one or more.

Don't the panties lose their "charm" once you have used them to masturbate?
I use each one multiple times, but some I use more often than others. It depends on who I want to smell right now. I love them all, but I still have a few favorites. A few years ago I got three of them from a wonderful American woman. One of them was different from anything I had before. I think it was just because of her very own smell.

Right now I have two favorites that I got from two different women last year. One of them is a black G-string, to which she put some pee in the packaging. The other is a nice pink thong that she only wore for two days, but which meets all my expectations. It is dirty and has a strong smell. When I got it, it was still fresh. It is my absolute favorite.

What's the biggest amount you've ever spent on dirty underwear?
That should have been around 650 euros. But to be honest, I would pay any price for a really nice, dirty couple.

Do you prefer a certain type of underwear?
When I started I bought every style, today I prefer more sexy cuts. I like anything with lace, g-strings, and thongs. In the end it all comes down to the content.

How long should the woman have worn them?
I prefer if they have been worn for a few days - or longer if she doesn't have a problem with it. Ideally, the woman has also masturbated once or twice inside them. A little pee gives the panties an extra touch.

If you had a girlfriend, would you ask her about her underwear - or is your fetish also about anonymity?
I would probably ask her, but every woman has a different smell. So it would definitely be nice to get used underwear from your girlfriend, but the feeling of getting it from someone else makes it especially exciting.

Do you also use other sex work services such as escorts or camgirls?
I've been to a fetish escort, but we didn't have sex. I got a golden shower from her. I've also paid a few other women for Golden Showers who weren't directly involved in sex work. The distance of my fetish is sometimes nice, but I also like the idea of ​​being more personal.

Do you have any special requests when buying underpants?
I recently asked a couple of women if they could not only pee on my underwear, but also send a bottle of urine along. Sometimes I ask if maybe I can buy some pictures of them wearing the underwear on. I also take nude pictures. I've also asked about videos of them masturbating or peeing. Some like to do it, others not so much.

When you masturbate, do you think about the person who wore the underwear, or is it about the underwear itself?
Both. I mostly asked women I know which might not be my best idea. But it's just great when I know where they're from. I like to think of the woman who wore it - especially how it smells.

How do women react to your inquiries - especially those you know?
Some are shocked and ask me why. Many are so disturbed by my request that they immediately delete me from their contact list. I'm already worried because I don't know if you will tell anyone what I asked you about.

What was the worst reaction you ever got, what was the best?
I've been called a pervert and a creep, I've been told to piss off. But sometimes I am surprised when they accept. Of course it's mostly about the money, but sometimes they also want to try something new.

Do you suffer from the stigma of your fetish?
Not really, I like that! I understand if someone denies my request. Everyone has to decide for themselves. Sometimes I'm afraid they'll tell someone else, but I just love it: that feeling, the excitement when I buy a new thong. I just can't resist

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