Where is the SSC certificate

SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) is a procedure for the certification of a safety management system. It takes into account the requirements of (occupational) safety, health and environmental protection. This is why one often speaks of an SGU management system.


Contractors are companies that provide certain technical services or work for their client on the basis of a service or work contract. These include safety-related work such as:

• Maintenance work on production facilities

• Construction projects

• New constructions and conversions of plants (for example refineries).


Due to the increasing use of these contractors, the management and behavior of their employees have a strong impact on the safety, health protection and environmental protection standards of the client. Last but not least, this also has an impact on the quality standard of German industry.

A distinction is made between two different certificates for certification:


1. SCC: Limited Certificate

This certificate assesses the SGU management activities directly at the workplace and is usually intended for small companies (more than 35 employees in the entire company).


2. SCC: Unrestricted Certificate

In addition to the assessment criteria mentioned under SCC (1), the HSE management system is also assessed. This certificate is intended for companies that employ more than 35 people across the company. Companies that employ fewer than 35 employees but use subcontractors (work contract) for technical services require the SCC (2).


Advantages of the SCC:

• SCC is designed in such a way that it can be easily integrated into all branches of industry

• SCC opens up increased competition opportunities due to the quality demands of the industry

• SCC creates transparency through comparable management systems

• An increase in the safety awareness of employees means a reduction in the number of accidents

• There is no need for complex multiple audits

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