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Cash contributions

Contribution for students:

As a result of the introduction of additional contributions for individual health insurance funds on January 1st, 2015, the calculation of student contributions has changed, so that the student contribution is no longer the same, but differs from health insurance company to health insurance fund.
We have set up a separate page price comparisons for students for this purpose.

This is how your contribution as an employee is calculated:

Since the statutory health insurance has been financed equally since January 2019, employers and employees pay equal parts of the gross wage, the same contribution rate of 14.6% for all health insurance companies plus the individual additional contribution that each health insurance company determines itself.
The sum of the contribution rate and the individual additional contribution results in the total contribution rate of a health insurance company.

You earn € 3,000.00 gross per month. With a contribution rate of e.g. 15.90%, you and your employer pay the following contributions:

Contribution rate15,90%516,00€
Subsidy from the employer7,95%258,00€
Your personal contribution per month7,95%258,00€
Important note: All calculations, overviews and information are made carefully and objectively. Despite all care, individual errors or inaccuracies can never be ruled out. We can therefore not accept any liability. If in doubt, please contact the respective health insurance company directly before making a decision.