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Women's night taxi in Munich

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How does the women's night taxi work?

The Munich model of the women's night taxi works with vouchers:

  • A voucher is worth five euros
  • The voucher is valid between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • After the trip, the woman hands over the voucher to the taxi driver and pays the taxi tariff reduced by five euros.
  • One voucher can be submitted for each trip, even if several women use a taxi together.
  • The vouchers can be picked up by the authorized group of people at the citizens' offices and social bourgeoisie, the equality office for women and the city information center. A woman can pick up three vouchers per visit. The number of projections is not limited.
  • Social services from other providers to promote the mobility of women with disabilities do not prevent the taxi voucher from being redeemed.

Why is a woman's night taxi needed?

Women feel significantly more unsafe than men in public spaces at night. The feeling of insecurity restricts women's mobility. A sense of security and fear of crime are closely linked to experiences made and the subjective assessment of one's own vulnerability. Women are more frequently affected by sexualized border violations, assaults and sexualized violence. For the mobility of women in public spaces, their subjective sense of security is an essential basis.

The 2016 population survey conducted by the City of Munich on social developments and the living situation of Munich's citizens showed that the feeling of security of women and men at home in their homes and during the day in different places hardly differs. In the evening or at night, however, women’s feeling of insecurity in public spaces is significantly higher than that of men. Almost every second woman feels unsafe on buses and trains at night, every third woman in her own neighborhood and three quarters of the women surveyed in green spaces or parks. This perceived insecurity restricts women's mobility. The Munich model of the women's night taxi is a low-threshold and unbureaucratic offer by the city to increase women's mobility at night.

Who can redeem a women's night taxi voucher?

The women's night taxi is aimed at women. This includes trans * women and women with the gender entry "diverse" or non-binary women.

As a man, can I use a women's night taxi voucher?

No. The women's night taxi is an offer for women.

Are men allowed to ride with women who use the women’s night taxi voucher?

No. The women's night taxi is an offer for women. It applies to women who are traveling alone or in a group of women or with their children (under 18 years of age).

Does the women's night taxi offer discriminate against men?

No. Measures that compensate for an existing disadvantage are not discriminatory.

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. Article 3 paragraph 2:

Men and women are equal. The state promotes the actual implementation of equality between women and men and works towards the elimination of existing disadvantages.

General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)

§ 5 Positive Actions

Regardless of the reasons stated in Sections 8 to 10 and in Section 20, different treatment is also permitted if existing disadvantages due to a reason stated in Section 1 are to be prevented or compensated for by suitable and appropriate measures.

Wouldn't other measures be better suited to increasing the safety of women at night?

Especially when it comes to their safety, women and girls are constantly confronted with ascriptions and expectations of how they should behave “correctly”. This includes the often contradicting messages of when to "be afraid" and when to "not be afraid". The women's night taxi is an offer that does not compete with other measures that increase safety for women at night. The aim of this measure is to expand the offer for women.