How do I apply for Cisco Certifications


After you have been to the registration office, the certificate will be issued and you will receive an email with a link.

If you follow this link you will be asked for the 'Application file' asked. This does not mean the PDF file, but the JSON file that was created first.

Now you also need the password that you set for the file.

The information from the JSON file (private key) is now linked to the certificate and poured into a third file. It has the ending .p12. This is also secured with a password.

Put the .p12 file in a safer location. The JSON file and the PDF file are no longer required.

You need the .p12 file (and the associated password) to integrate the certificate into your mail program (perhaps Outlook) and to link it there with the Mailkonko.


Be sure to keep the certificate file and the associated password. This also applies to old certificates that have expired!

You need these old certificate files e.g. to be able to read older encrypted e-mails. You will also need the certificate files if you change computers.

Without this certificate file (with password) you can no longer read these e-mails. There is then no longer any possibility of decrypting these emails!