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The professional email signature

The email signature is an essential part of professional business communication. Special information at the end of a message enables the recipient to identify the sender of an e-mail and makes it easier to proceed further contact. While the signature of a private message contains only voluntary information, senders of electronic business mail must contact us legal framework hold.

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What must be in an email signature?

A good e-mail signature has all the important contact information ready, is reduced to the essentials, clearly structured and gives the recipient an individual impression of the sender. The e-mail addition to the Branding use. The information that the email signature must contain depends on the type of communication.

Private signatures

Even if the e-mail signature is not legally binding for private individuals, the addition offers a good opportunity to contact communication partners alternative contact channels to draw attention or projects like that own website to highlight. Usual information in private signatures are:

  • First and Last Name
  • Landline and / or mobile phone number
  • E-mail address
  • URL of your own website
  • Links to profiles in social networks

Further Additional elements such as quotes, sayings, your favorite motto or graphics are popular, but should be chosen with care and used sparingly, depending on the recipient. Because what may be well received by friends and family can cause irritation on official occasions such as applications or e-mail communication with offices and authorities.

Mandatory information for business email signatures

Since January 1, 2007, business e-mails have been formally regarded as business letters. Like these, electronic messages sent by registered companies must have certain requirements Mandatory information include. It is therefore imperative that:

  • Name of the company and legal form according to the commercial register
  • Loadable address of the company
  • Register court including registration number in the commercial register
  • Names of the managing directors and, if applicable, the members of the management board and the chairman of the supervisory board

Employees should also enter their position in the company and individual contact details.

In addition, the email signature offers space for optional content like the company's claim or slogan. Sometimes there are also references to offers and discount campaigns. However, it should be noted here that the signature is primarily used to establish contact and out of consideration for the recipient not for advertising space should degenerate. On the other hand, current announcements, such as vacation times or company holidays, are very useful.

Another content-related element that is now concluding more and more business news in this country is Disclaimer based on the US model. Additions such as the following standard formulation sound important, but they are in Germany no obligation and can therefore just as easily be omitted:

“This email may contain confidential and / or proprietary information. If you are not the intended addressee or if you have received this e-mail in error, please inform the sender and destroy this e-mail. Anyone other than the intended addressee is prohibited from saving this email, forwarding it or using its content in any way. "

A sender of an email is protected by a disclaimer of this type no legal claimsthat do not already exist under the current legislation.

What should an email signature look like?

A good email signature is clear, easy to read and makes a serious impression. It is therefore advisable to rely on a subtle design that the Structuring the information serves.

The following example shows a signature that contains all mandatory information for a business email. However, the information is presented in a form that makes reading significantly more difficult.

Such a signature can be optimized paragraphs. It is also a good idea to go through individual pieces of information vertical bars differentiate them from each other and thus make them clearer. Common e-mail programs usually provide enough space for the signature so that it can be used without any problems typographic white spaces can be used to increase the legibility of the information.

According to this design principle, the sample signature could be structured as follows:

VariousFonts and the Use of color and size differences With the right dosage, they also help to increase the legibility of an email signature. The human eye reacts to contrasts - let it be used skillfully Formatting make certain elements of the signature stand out. However, the same applies here: less is more. It should also be noted that formatted e-mail signatures must be created either in rich text format or as an HTML message. Unlike pure text signatures, however, formatted messages carry the risk that other e-mail programs will use the format incompletely or incorrectly. A newly created signature should therefore be used in different applications checked for the desired representation become.

In order to maintain a serious impression, one should rely on subtle colors and the choice of fonts one or two fonts restrict. Otherwise, not only does the legibility of an email signature suffer; Creations that are too daring can quickly appear overloaded and, in the worst case, silly. Senders of such messages run the risk of not being taken seriously or being classified as dubious. Although it can in individual cases in the sense of a Corporate designs It makes sense to use the company colors or a house font in the email signature. However, email users should distance themselves from a design according to the following example:

Optional design elements

In order to increase the recognition value, many companies also use graphic elements such as Company logos or other design elements that shape the corporate image. In addition, offers a Photo of the sender the ability to personalize the email. However, this kind of effort does not meet with approval from every recipient. E-mail programs also have difficulties with this: messages with picture elements can be designed in an appealing way thanks to HTML format, but they are often misrepresented or sorted out as spam. Important information may thus be overlooked. But even if interpreted correctly, HTML e-mails can quickly cause trouble, as each image supplied increases the data load and eats up memory accordingly.

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