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No fear of loyalty: customer loyalty for founders

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Gaining customers and customer loyalty for founders - the goal of every young entrepreneur. Customer loyalty is a difficult but central topic, especially for founders. But how can customers be retained at all in order to acquire regular customers in the long term? About trust, appreciation and gratitude.

It all starts with: approaching potential customers

Before customers can be bound, they first have to be won over. For this it means: get known, show presence. Because without potential customers even knowing about the respective service or product, no order can be created. A solid inexpensive option is social media.

Anyone who is represented on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube will sooner or later be discovered. Of course, it is not enough to simply create a page and wait for likes: social media followers also want to be conquered. However, it is a comparatively simple and inexpensive entry into online marketing that is definitely worthwhile.

Another possibility are trade fairs, an open house or similar events where potential customers can find out more. Valuable contacts within the industry can also be made, which will pay off afterwards.

Because B2B contacts also lead to orders. It goes without saying that there should be a decent demeanor. An interesting eye-catcher at the booth or the company location is also a good way to arouse curiosity and attract interested parties.

Giveaways, high-quality business cards and industry-specific advertising materials are also something that people like to take home with them and that the company will remember.

If contacts with serious interest arise at such events, a small follow-up by email or telephone is appropriate. This will refresh the memory and possibly win an order. Because slacking off too early is one of the 5 deadly sins when acquiring new customers.

In the end it should be clear: Without new customer acquisition, no customer loyalty.

Completing orders successfully and securing trust

It then continues with the first orders. Basically: Every job is important. The customer should feel that, because this is the only way to slowly build trust. After all, the path to regular customers only leads through trust, because only those who feel that they are in good hands will place follow-up orders.

It belongs to that complete the orders to the best of our knowledge and belief, always treat customer data confidentially, be open to requests and suggestions, accept criticism, write fair invoices and be there for the customer.

A successfully completed order and a satisfied customer are the best advertising a founder could wish for. Because that leads to recommendations from acquaintances, friends or business partners and in turn leads to new orders. It is then important Show gratitude.

This can be done, for example, in different forms such as a present or a personal call. Because in addition to giveaways, which are of course also effective advertising media - above all the classic ballpoint pen - there are also higher-quality items such as wine sets express real appreciation.

Anyone who needs creative input in this area should do research on the Internet in order to get an overview of the diverse design options for this type of customer loyalty.

But even if there is no reason to get in touch with the customer again: Just do it. To remind yourself, to ask about the satisfaction of the customer - all a possible impulse for a renewed order placement.

Retaining customers

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: Social networks make the company approachable and you show your presence. An inexpensive entry into online marketing with a great effect.

Regular customers have to be looked after - like friendship and any other relationship, communication, appreciation and added value are required.

A newsletter, which informs about innovations in the company or in general in the industry, current promotions and the like, is a good way to maintain communication and to remind yourself again and again.

Appreciation can be expressed through letters of thanks, small presents or Christmas cards - it is not for nothing that they say "Small gifts maintain friendship.“

An added value is always achieved when from the relationship added value arises - means: discounts for regular customers are useful. This can work through a customer card, discount campaigns or loyalty points.

The important thing is: as soon as the customer has the feeling that he is not valued and gets more for his money elsewhere, he will reorient himself. In order to maintain the customer base, new customer acquisition would then have to be carried out constantly - In the long run, this is more time-consuming and expensive than keeping satisfied regular customers.

It is therefore worthwhile to actually cultivate this exclusive circle, to be understanding and indulgent in the event of problems, to accept and implement criticism and to get to know the customer better in the long term. Anyone who feels that they are in good hands and realizes that their trust is valued remains.

Conclusion: customer loyalty for founders

After customer acquisition comes customer loyalty - both are equally important, stand and fall together. A stable circle of regular customers leads to new orders through recommendations and word of mouth.

This should be rewarded and appreciated so that the customer continues to feel that they are in good hands and not switch to the competition. Basically, this relationship only works through trust - on both sides. As a founder, it is therefore particularly important to win this and convey trustworthiness.

But even after the first orders, it is important to maintain and maintain the relationship to the regular customer price, to remind yourself again and again and to express appreciation through small gifts, thank you cards and personal messages. In this way, founders will soon create a stable circle of customers who will repeatedly lead to new orders through successful customer loyalty.

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