How did the bazooka work

The bazooka 3

The Panzerfaust 3

The Panzerfaust 3 is one of the handguns of the Bundeswehr. It is primarily used to combat battle tanks and other armored combat vehicles. It is used as part of the anti-tank defense of all troops by all infantry deployed forces. Various cartridges are available for the bazooka. You can use it as a bunker fist to fight against enemy forces in bunkers or field fortifications. Are is essentially a disposable weapon. Only the handle with the aiming device is used several times. After the weapon has been fired, the empty barrel is separated from the grip and is no longer used.

The bazooka weighs around 13 kilograms and has a range of up to 400 meters. Whereby the fight against moving targets is only intended up to a distance of up to 300 meters. The warhead is able to penetrate up to 700 millimeters of armor steel. As a bunker fist, up to 240 millimeters of reinforced concrete can be overcome.

The Panzerfaust relies on the shaped charge principle. The explosive forms a copper insert into a so-called shaped charge spike, which penetrates the armor under very high pressure and can cause serious damage inside the armor. In order for the shaped charge spike to unfold, the warhead must be detonated at a certain distance from the armor. Therefore, the spacer tube is pulled out to combat armored targets. When fighting against buildings or unarmored targets such as vehicles, the pipe remains pushed in.

In addition to the standard cartridge described above, other warheads are available for the Panzerfaust 3. A tandem shaped charge was introduced to combat modern battle tanks with reactive armor. This ammunition can penetrate up to 800 millimeters of armor steel. But the second, smaller shaped charge is more decisive. This ignites shortly before the actual charge and thus triggers the reactive armor. The main charge can then act unhindered against the conventional armor behind it. A cartridge is available for the bunker fist, which first penetrates reinforced concrete or masonry and then detonates an additional charge in the building. The effect of the additional charge can be compared to a handgrip. Your explosives and fragments can lead to considerable destruction in closed rooms.

The Panzerfaust 3-IT is a further development of the tandem hollow charge. With its new warhead and a fire control computer, moving targets can also be fought at up to 600 meters. For training, there are training devices with which sub-caliber ammunition or ammunition the size and weight of the combat cartridge can be fired. Both have in common that they do not contain any explosives. They are cheaper to manufacture and more environmentally friendly and are therefore used in the training of bazooka riflemen. The combat cartridges are comparatively seldom used and only used in later phases of training.