What is Miles Davis best song

John Mancuso
Sublime - "Doin 'Time (Uptown Dub)"

Click here to hear Sublime's "Doin 'Time".
Click here to hear John Coltrane's "Summertime".

“Sublime” is one of my favorite groups and this song has a special meaning to me. Sublime music style cannot really be classified: sometimes it's reggae, sometimes alternative, sometimes ska, and sometimes funk. This song is called "Doin 'Time (Uptown Dub)" and they say it's reggae. For me this song is more complicated than just reggae.

Sublime was a group that never got particularly obese, but it has always had a cult following. The group only made three public CDs before singer Bradley Nowell died of a heroin overdose. But before he died, he wrote this song. In 1997 the song appeared on the album "Second Hand Smoke". Although Bradley died a year earlier, the album was very successful because the album was very different from the albums that were released before his death.

To understand this song, you have to listen to another song by Sublime, which is "Summertime." Doin 'Time is actually a variation on it, but the story of this song is even more complicated. The original song Summertime was written by Gershwin for the musical "Porgy and Bess". Porgy and Bess was a very successful musical, and that's why Miles Davis wrote a variation on it called Summertime. Later, John Coltrane also wrote a variation, and Summertime as a jazz song has become a classic. I've listened to jazz music all my life, so when I listened to Sublime's Summertime, I immediately heard the similarities between the Sublime and Miles Davis versions.

Doin ’Time is, in my opinion, Sublime's best song because of the saxophones and because it’s almost all an instrumental song. The bass and guitar play a simple reggae beat while the saxophones and keyboard play jazz and improvise. The two styles go amazingly well together. The few words are pretty meaningless and come from Sublime's own Summertime version. There are also a couple of tempo changes that add a bit of a difference to the song. Although the song is short and relatively simple, it has an interesting story, and because of the influences, story, and melody, I like it a lot.