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Make ice cream yourself - enjoy individual ice cream creations in summer

In the hot summer months, any kind of cooling is welcome. In addition to a bath in the lake or a cold shower, many people prefer a serving of ice to satisfy their craving for something sweet and to bring their body temperature back to normal. For a special taste experience, we recommend that you make your own ice cream, as this way you can create your own personal ice cream flavors with recognition value. In this magazine article you will learn more about the production of ice cream, the appropriate ingredients and the most important aids. You will also receive practical tips and tricks for ice cream production and a small guide to vegan ice cream creations. Read on now and immerse yourself in a world of cream, sugar, milk and summer fruits.

Why make ice cream yourself?

Ice cream is a welcome snack for hot summer or spring days. However, the colorful balls are not as unhealthy as they might seem at first glance. On the contrary: They make you happy, reduce stress and contain healthy ingredients such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and energy sources. Of course, this only applies to fresh or homemade ice cream, as, unlike industrial goods, it does not contain any flavor enhancers, artificial colors or the like. In addition, homemade ice cream simply tastes better because you can tailor it to your preferences and favorite ingredients. For example, you can put together your own caramel ice cream with nuts or sea salt or combine different fruits with yoghurt, honey and flower petals. There are no limits to creativity and boredom is guaranteed not to arise in your own ice cream workshop.

Which types of ice cream make?

Ice cream is not just ice cream. Before you swing the ice cream spoon, you should think about which type of ice cream you would like to make. Depending on this decision, you may need to buy other ingredients, for example. As a budding ice cream producer, you have the choice between

  • Cream ice cream has a milk content of at least 50% and contains both egg yolk and natural flavorings.

  • Cream ice cream consists of at least 60% cream and contains a high percentage of fat, which gives the ice cream a creamy and aromatic consistency.

  • Milk ice cream contains more than 70% milk and is supplemented with various flavors, fruit pulp and sugar.

  • Fruit ice cream is made with a fruit content of approx. 20%.

  • Sorbet consists largely of water, fruit juices, sugar, syrup and egg whites.

How can you make ice cream yourself?

There are many ways to make ice cream. On the one hand with an ice cream machine, in which you only have to put the chilled ingredients in the ice cream machine. The rest of the time, such as constant stirring or cooling down, is done by the machine for you. Making ice cream yourself without an ice machine, on the other hand, requires a little more patience, but is by no means impossible. To do this, the ingredients have to be boiled and cooled. Then the ice cream mixture has to be in the freezer for about an hour, after which it is time to stir. By stirring regularly (about every half hour) air is beaten under the ice and you get a creamy and loose end result without ice crystals.

Which ingredients to buy for homemade ice cream?

Depending on the type of ice cream and taste preferences, different ingredients need to be bought. In principle, the basis for ice cream is a liquid: cream, milk, yoghurt or crème fraîche. Other liquids such as almond milk, kefir and quark can also serve as a basis. As a rule, sugar should not be missing, as this makes the ice cream creamier. Honey, caramel or syrup are also suitable as a sweet alternative. Other ingredients for homemade ice cream are eggs, fruits and spices. While the eggs act as emulsifiers and provide a connection between water and fat, fruits and spices can vary depending on personal taste and thus give your ice cream creation a very personal touch.

Important kitchen helpers for your ice cream workshop

In addition to an ice cream machine, you will also need an ice cream scoop so that you can remove your ice cream creations easily and evenly from the freezer pack. We also recommend a rubber spatula to easily remove the raw ice cream from the mixing bowl without leaving any residue. If you do not use an ice cream machine, we recommend using a hand blender, which is useful for chopping fruit and nuts as well as for pureeing the ice cream mass. A piping bag set is also useful for garnishing your ice cream scoops with freshly whipped cream, as is a waffle iron for making delicious ice cream cones.

Tips and tricks if you want to make your own ice cream

Making ice cream yourself is basically not difficult and usually tastes better than the ready-made ice creams from the supermarket. With your own ice cream, you know what you are consuming and don't need to worry about any hidden additives or artificial flavorings. Nevertheless, you should master a few tips and tricks so that your ice cream turns out optimally.

  • Use only fine sugar, as sugar grains that are too coarse will not completely dissolve.
  • Do you love fruit ice cream with whole pieces of fruit? Then sprinkle the latter with sugar before adding it to the ice cream mixture. This will prevent ice crystals from forming around the pieces of fruit
  • You can get a particularly creamy ice cream with ingredients with a high fat content such as crème frâiche or cream.
  • If you want to add alcohol to your ice cream, keep in mind that it will increase the freezing time.
  • If you use canned fruit instead of fresh fruit, the former are already sugared, so reduce the actual amount of sugar.



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