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CANADA: Juul Labs Offers New E-Cigarette Option with Nicotine 15mg Pod

Health Canada states that " Vape is less harmful than smoking. A recent study presented by JUUL Labs of the Nicotine and Tobacco Research Society shows similar reductions in smoke-related biomarkers for exposure in both groups of participants: those who quit smoking and those who quit smoking. who moved to JUUL. This shows us that while nicotine is addicting, it is not directly responsible for the cancers that are often associated with smoking cigarettes: they are the harmful constituents of flammable smoke

« We're excited to bring more options to Canada's five million smokersSaid Mike Nederhoff, Canadian Executive Director, JUUL Labs. " We know that making choices can help smokers quit flammable cigarettes by determining which nicotine strength is best for them.»

Every adult smoker has a different path of change, and the options can help them figure out what works best for them, including different flavors and nicotine strengths. Two recent behavioral studies based on surveys by CSUR Research & Consultancy show that tobacco-free JUULpods have been most successful in helping smokers change and stay in the game. 2; Confirmation that the right flavors are important. We have also heard from smokers that there are some who need different options when it comes to nicotine levels. Our diverse line of products helps smokers change and sustain this change.

JUUL Labs offers six JUULpod flavors to smokers in Canada: Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Mango, Vanilla, Fruit, and Cucumber. All six flavors are currently available in five, three, and 1.5 percent nicotine strengths in convenience stores, retail stores, and on the JUUL Labs e-commerce website at JUUL .es.

JUUL Labs also takes youth prevention seriously and has implemented several initiatives to prevent teenagers from accessing vaping products, including: :

- Launch of “What Parents Need to Know” education campaign in Canada to provide parents with more information and keep products away from young people.

- Quebec is calling on the Quebec government to raise the legal age for buying and owning electronic cigarettes and vaping products to 21 years to bring it in line with the proposed age limit for cannabis. This law would help restrict access for young people by reducing buying and selling to minors.

- Online using unique age and identity verification technology to ensure minors cannot access and purchase products. All shipments in Canada require an adult signature at the time of shipment. The online age limits set by JUUL Labs are stricter than those of the Ontario Cannabis Society.

- All distributors must ask for ID when selling nicotine products. This year, JUUL Labs launched a secret purchasing program to ensure retailers are complying and reporting those who do not comply with Health Health and relevant provincial governments.

- All products are clearly labeled as containing nicotine and the packaging contains a nicotine warning, including a warning sticker (skull pictogram) described in Canadian regulations on the website Packaging of consumer chemicals that have not yet been used in the vaping industry This cautionary statement is voluntary; Studies by researchers at the University of Waterloo show that explicit graphic warning images on packaging are one of the most effective measures to prevent teenagers from accepting restricted-use products.

- Due to JUUL Labs' contracts with stores and other wholesale customers, they must take various measures to prevent young people from accessing them, including restrictions on wholesale purchases to prevent resale on the black market.

JUUL Labs was founded to provide satisfactory alternatives to smoking flammable cigarettes to one billion smokers around the world. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. JUUL Labs products are designed to help smokers switch between products. More information is available at www.juul.ca.