How is the land of dreams


land of dreams
"Did we take something seriously?
with which one can only play
or on the contrary ...? "


Drugs. Still a taboo subject. Intoxication has been part of the culture of mankind since time immemorial. Our western world is strongly shaped by rationality. Experiences that can be felt much better than explained are suspect to many. Only a few socially tolerated (but therefore not harmless) drugs enjoy recognition.

There is a social policy of demonization, taboos and silence. Facts count little, catchwords a lot. But many people claim the right to make decisions about their own lives. And for this you need independent and as objective information as possible.

The aim of this page is to provide such information - without demonization and without glorification. But our aim is also to actively network interested parties. The aim is to establish social contacts, exchange experiences and avoid stupidities.

The Land of Dreams (LdT) is a site for interested parties and consumers, but not a site that is "pro drugs" across the board. Drugs have a lot of potential, drugs are very dangerous. Understanding both sides is important. And to convey this one thing above all else is needed: credibility. By giving consumers a platform to exchange experiences, responsible citizens can make their own decisions. For themselves.



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