What is the best car fm transmitter

FM transmitter test 2021 • The 4 best FM transmitters in comparison

What is an FM transmitter and how does it work?

An FM transmitter is a small-format transmitter with a range that is limited to a few meters. It is used to record music from Smartphone or MP3 player heard over the radio.

These devices are also known as MP3 transmitters. They convert the audio signal to a radio frequency. With this function, the FM transmitters from the test are particularly suitable for older generation car radios. A comparison of the transmitters should explain in more detail how these devices broadcast the audio signal on the selected FM frequency.

Areas of application - FM transmitters in use

The test of FM transmitter contains all relevant facts about the use of these devices. Around 2003, when the FM transmitters gradually came to Europe from the USA, they were not yet approved in Germany. The Federal Network Agency did not allow operation until 2006. Since then, the transmitters from the comparison have mainly been used together with car radios. Only devices with a CE mark and an output of 50 nanowatts ERP may be used here.

The modern FM transmitter from the test are often stereo-capable and can be set in the frequency range from 87.5 to 108 MHz. With other models there are only a few fixed frequencies. When the FM limit is at least 87.5 MHz is not reached, the devices are not allowed in Germany. It is therefore important to ensure compliance with the prescribed limits.

When using the FM transmitter you need a frequency that is not used by any Radio program is occupied. The devices from the comparison can easily be used to listen to your own favorite music or other audio files on your smartphone or MP3 player. You can find out more about the right smartphone in this article.

What types of FM transmitters are there?

When the radio stations are constantly advertising and you prefer to listen to music, you can with one FM transmitter from the comparison simply to your own favorite songs on your smartphone or MP3 player access. More about it here. You don't even need special connections for this. In the FM transmitter test, the mobile devices are presented on the one hand, and the built-in models on the other.

The mobile FM transmitter typically has one 12 volt plug and gets its power from the cigarette lighter in the car. Operation via rechargeable battery or battery is also possible. Here the charging takes place via the corresponding USB port. The mobile FM transmitters are very useful when you have the Transmission technology not only want to use it in the vehicle, but also with another radio.

The advantages of the mobile FM transmitter from the test:

  • flexible and mobile use,
  • easy to charge, even during operation.

The disadvantages of the mobile transmitter:

  • The cable can interfere
  • Regular charging is necessary when using the battery.

The built-in FM transmitter is mostly connected to the car battery, so there is no need for charging or an additional cable. These devices are placed between the Car antenna and the antenna input. There is a place for the control unit at dashboard selected. The FM transmitter is permanently installed here. With the necessary skill you can do it yourself, otherwise the specialist workshop will take care of it.

The advantages of the built-in FM transmitter:

  • There is no cable in the way
  • only little space is required.

The disadvantages of the built-in devices:

  • Can not be used flexibly,
  • There are additional costs for the installation.

Brief information on the leading 7 manufacturers / brands

  • Logic
  • LogiLink
  • Technaxx
  • Belkin International
  • AIV
  • Auvisio
  • Griffin Technology
The company Logic3 is one of the important brands in the FM transmitter test. This brand is known for highly functional audio products and other electronic components. The accessories for the technical products are also part of the Logic3 range.
At LogiLink there is a large assortment available for PC and network equipment. The company relies on future-proof technology, constant further development and optimization of the products and on a modern design. At the same time, buyers can look forward to a good price-performance ratio.
The mark Technaxx deals with various product areas, including automotive accessories, digitization and Music-Man. Other components for vehicle technology and other areas of application can also be found here.
The manufacturer Belkin International comes from the USA and has made a name for itself with hardware and PC peripherals. In the meantime, Belkin has mainly specialized in wireless devices, but USB hubs, connection cables and other components also ensure optimal coupling of the individual systems.
AIV was founded in 1976 and has been able to assert itself on the market and in tests ever since. The specialist in car hi-fi technology relies on innovative technologies and also works out individualized solutions.
Auvisio is known for high-class audio and video technology. The product range includes media players, sound docks and stereo systems as well as many other innovative components.
Griffin Technology is a company that has been established since the early 1990s. With its technologically mature products, it is aimed at quality-conscious and demanding users.


This is how FM transmitters are tested

The frequency range

In comparison of the FM transmitter the frequency range is one of the particularly important criteria. A free frequency is required to use these devices, which can be difficult when there are many radio stations in the region. The bigger the Frequency range the better the chances of finding an available frequency. With the best FM transmitters from the comparison, the frequency spectrum often ranges from 88.1 to 107.9 MHz.

The connections

The test shows that the FM transmitter can have different connections. Which connections are actually necessary depends on which devices the transmitter is to be paired with. A USB port should definitely be available and the SD card slot is standard on many models.

The USB port enables many modern devices such as smartphones, tablets or media players to be connected. Find out more about USB sticks for your FM transmitter here. A mini-jack connection may be required for coupling with other end devices. Who is for Apple products enthusiastic, for whom a docking port is recommended, to which the FM transmitter can be connected.

With an SD card reader, the possible uses of the FM transmitter from the current comparison. It saves users another device.

The range

In the test of the FM transmitter there are certain differences in quality, some of which are related to the range. The devices need a certain minimum range so that the interfering signals are not too strong. However, the range must not be too high for use in the car, because other car drivers should not be disturbed. A maximum range of 10 meters, which relates to the area outside the vehicle.

The range also influences the radiation output, i.e. the ERP value. The permitted value is 50 nanowatts (nW). The legal restrictions on the range are also intended to reduce the radiation output.

Approval for use in the vehicle

The FM transmitters approved today from the test may be used in the Car or truck can be used if they comply with the relevant limit values. One look at the identification of the FM transmitter is usually enough to make sure that its use is permitted. A corresponding label provides information about the approval. The test presents numerous FM transmitters that also have the CE mark.

Some hobbyists try to convert an approved FM transmitter from the comparison in order to reduce the noise or to extend the range. However, this is not allowed, so you should use them Trickery watch out. Not only are they forbidden, they are also dangerous.

The bluetooth interface

The FM transmitter is not for every use Bluetooth interface necessary. However, it makes the wireless connection with the smartphone easier and makes a cable unnecessary. Bluetooth also saves you an adapter. However, users should keep in mind that the use of the Bluetooth function increases energy consumption.

The station memory

Many score points in comparison FM transmitter through a simplified station search and a Station memory. This allows the current frequency to be saved and retrieved the next time it is used. So no new station search is necessary.

The extra functions

The test shows which extras are available and make the use of the FM transmitter easier. There are now many transmitters that have a clear display and a remote control. Another useful extra function is the noise filter. This optimizes the sound quality and reduces other background noise.

An equalizer function is sometimes also available for improved sound. The current comparisons also included FM transmitter examined with integrated hands-free function. This function is particularly useful in the car.

Frequent defects and weak points - these are what I have to pay attention to when buying an FM transmitter!

As with many other technical devices, the comparison also shows certain weak points with the FM transmitters. So the transmitters are sometimes only with a short one electric wire equipped, which is not a classic AUX cable acts. This can lead to malfunctions or even failures. A closer look at the cable will help avoid such problems.

A second vulnerability that the Testing shows more is the rather small and poorly illuminated display. Here you have to look carefully at what can be difficult, especially when driving.

The test winners in the comparison of the FM transmitters are mostly well made, but scratches can also occur on the higher-quality devices. These not only affect the overall appearance, but they can also have a negative effect on the display. Here the buyer should expect good screen protection and a flawless construction of the FM transmitter pay attention to the test.

At the latest when the new FM transmitter is tested for the first time, it becomes clear how simple or cumbersome the associated app is. Some of these applications are unstable or out of date. Then it can be done with access give trouble to the home screen.

The operating instructions can also lead to problems. You should compare the FM transmitters carefully before buying and read through the tests to ensure that the instructions and operating menu are easy to understand. An English menu can still be understood, but at least the product description with the explanations should be in German.

With the high-quality FM transmitters from the test, the language can even be changed, which is an important one Plus point is.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my FM transmitter?

The tests of the FM transmitter are at Internet purchase often linked to the shops so that customers only need a few clicks to find out about the devices and compare them. You can get personal advice from specialist retailers. Nevertheless, most consumers now choose the Online purchase. Research is particularly easy with the filters and the sorting aid. You can save yourself the trip to business when comparing.

Those who shop online do not have to adhere to opening times and cash is also not necessary. In the Testing and customer ratings of the FM transmitter, you can find out all the relevant details to make a safe decision. The order and delivery do not take long. If an exchange is desired due to tests or for other reasons, you can contact the online retailer directly and ask for a reverse transaction.

Worth knowing & advice

The evolution of the FM transmitter over time

Today's use of the FM transmitter can be based on the Testing and comparisons suggest that it is a novel technology. In fact, the predecessors of these mini-transmitters have been around for several decades. Similar transmitters used to be built into video recorders. These made it possible to connect a television that ran without a corresponding connection for the video recorder.

For connecting external music sources and Radios special adapters and cables were used in the past. Then the idea of ​​using special mini-transmitters came up. The use of FM transmitters for radios was not yet permitted in the early days. These small transmitters spread around 2003 in Europe and on the German market. They have already been sold online even if yours commitment was still illegal.

In 2006 mini-channels were legalized. The FM transmitters were approved for private use in Germany, but precise regulations have been in effect since then. The transmitters from the test have a corresponding CE marking and have a limited range. Their transmission power is not higher than 50 nW. Incidentally, other limit values ​​apply in other countries, which offer a little more leeway.

Anyone abroad such equipment should know that these may not be used in Germany.

The legal change makes it possible to set up your own radio station. However, the very low transmission power is more suitable for other areas of application. The now legal FM transmitters from the current test allow wireless audio radio applications and are standard in a frequency range between 87,5 and 108 MHz.

Limiting the transmission power is intended to ensure that the FM transmitters from the comparison do not have a disruptive influence on the vehicle in the adjacent lane. In the meantime, technology has continued to improve, making it easier for users to deal with the FM transmitters select and save a free frequency. However, there are still some weaknesses in the devices. In comparison, the annoying noise is particularly noticeable. With the advancement of technology, however, the sound quality has also developed and improved, as the current test shows.

Numbers, data, facts about the FM transmitter

The comparison of the FM transmitters shows the direct connection between the short range and the limited sound quality. When used outdoors, the range is around 10 meters, however, it is reduced in the car. This is due, among other things, to the signals that come from other transmitting devices. External sources of interference are, for example, smartphones and other electrical devices.

They broadcast as a kind of mini radio station FM transmitter from the comparison on the same frequencies as the normal stations. With their frequency range, the transmitters are suitable for connection to MP3 players, smartphones or other audio sources. The signal is sent via VHF radio to the next radio receiver, in the classic example, to the car radio. The devices from the test comparison are also suitable for use in your own Flat. Here, consumers often tend to have a larger reach. In the comparisons and further information you can find all the important facts for the permitted and sensible use.

The small and inconspicuous ones are ideal for use in vehicles FM transmitter from the test. These are not as bulky as the larger versions. With the small-format housings, however, the control buttons and the display are also very small.

This can possibly lead to difficulties in reading the settings and in operation. It may be worthwhile to use a holding arm to do this Display can be moved to a more convenient place.

Safety instructions for handling FM transmitters

When comparing the FM transmitter the security aspects play a major role. Due to safety, strict limit values ​​apply, which you should also adhere to. Otherwise there may be hazards in traffic. In the comprehensive test the restricted transmission range comes up again and again. This is based on the requirements of the Federal Network Agency.

The radiated power of the FM transmitter from the test is allowed 50 nanowatts do not exceed.Buyers should pay particular attention to this when buying equipment from abroad. Because in other countries different regulations apply which are not taken into account by the tests carried out in Germany. FM transmitters often come from China and are not allowed to be used here. A corresponding number of bans have been issued by the Federal Network Agency in recent years to ban the unauthorized devices from the German market.

At first glance, even when reading through the Comparisons not always recognize whether the FM transmitters remain in the legally safe area. You can check the range yourself in your own test. All you need is a normal one FM radio. The permissible radiated power may only be measured in the direct vicinity of the transmitter. One speaks of a maximum radius of 5 meters. If the station can be heard throughout the home, or even in an even larger area, care should be taken. There is already talk of a pirate transmitter, the use of which is forbidden.

Sometimes there are FM transmitter also from German brands, as some tests show. The VHF range should remain in a small area, for example only in one room. Otherwise, the use of the FM transmitter is prohibited from the test, which is related, among other things, to copyright infringement. However, if the FM transmitter does not interfere with an official radio frequency of a radio station, you do not have to expect to be caught by the Federal Network Agency.

Before using the FM transmitters from the test, it is advisable to find a free frequency first to make sure that you are doing everything correctly. However, the FM band occupancy is often relatively dense. When looking for a suitable frequency, the separation distances are from 0.3 MHz therefore hardly to be adhered to. The experts therefore advise using an FM transmitter that automatically searches for a free frequency. This avoids major security problems and improves the sound quality.

The permanent operation of an FM transmitter with an empty carrier is not allowed for safety reasons. That's why he should Small transmitter from the test should always be disconnected from the network after use. If the transmitter is permanently installed in the car, switching it off will deactivate it, which is also sufficient.

In principle, the CE seal should ensure that the devices only emit a small amount of radiation from the comparison. In the Testing However, it became clear that the performance of many FM transmitters is still too high. Anyone who deals with this topic should therefore inform themselves comprehensively.

Tampering with the devices is forbidden in any case. Who his FM transmitter unscrewed and upgraded by using a metal antenna, commits a criminal offense. However, if you take a closer look at the law, it becomes clear that FM transmitter It may not be allowed to operate with a high transmission power, but it is not a criminal offense to own it.

Mount the FM transmitter correctly in 5 steps

So that the FM transmitter from the new test to work properly, they must first be connected. This is done quickly and is the same for most devices of this type. The following description shows how to do this.

Step 1

Step 1

First the jack cable of the FM transmitters connected to the corresponding connection on the housing and to the headphone output of the smartphone. The navigation system and tablet are also equipped with a suitable socket. If the smartphone does not have a suitable socket, a corresponding jack adapter is used.

step 2

step 2

The second step is to put the mobile device in a safe place in the car. The center console is best. It provides the necessary support so that the smartphone does not slip or fall. For safety, you can use a holder for the mobile device.

step 3

step 3

The is located under the cigarette lighter Power supply for the mobile FM transmitter from the 2018 test. After removing the lighter, plug the connector from the transmitter into it. The classic FM transmitter from the comparison are designed for the standard on-board voltage of 12 or 24 V. Suitable power supplies or power adapters are available for use at home.

Step 4

Step 4

After this preparatory work, the FM transmitter is switched on. The guide tells users how to find a radio channel. The channel is usually selected using the button "CH" or. "Channel". The determined free frequency is set here. You can do this by manually searching for stations on the radio. If only a noise can be heard, it is a free frequency channel that can be set immediately. With an FM transmitter with automatic search, you only have to start it. The device searches for a free frequency which can then be saved.

Step 5

Step 5

Finally, the music is played back from the smartphone. The music can now be heard directly on the radio and the volume can be adjusted if necessary. Good sound quality should be heard at a volume of 70 to 80%.

10 tips for care

The test of the FM transmitter is about comparing the various equipment as well as specific information on safety and approval. Here we would also like to present the most important tips for cleaning and maintaining the mini transmitters. Careful handling always has a positive effect on the functionality and durability of electrical devices.

Tip 1

Tip 1

With the FM transmitters from the test it is sensitive electrical equipment. Care should therefore be taken with care. Instructions include all handling and cleaning precautions. You should be guided by this in order not to accidentally damage the transmitter.

Tip 2

Tip 2

If liquids get inside the FM transmitter penetrate, there may be a short circuit that destroys the electronics. This is why the device must not be cleaned with water or detergent.

Tip 3

Tip 3

If you suspect that the inside of the FM transmitter needs to be cleaned, you should not disassemble it yourself. In general, the interior cleaning is not necessary, but if the functionality is weak, this can be an indication that a little more thorough maintenance is required. As a layperson, you shouldn't open and clean the FM transmitter from the test yourself, but take the mini-transmitter to a specialist workshop.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Normal cleaning of the FM transmitter is done with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. With that you can dust and remove dirt particles well. This will make the outside clean again. A bit of dust does not usually affect the function, but the device simply looks better if it is wiped dry occasionally.

Tip 5

Tip 5

After wiping the outside dry, you should check the connections and clean them carefully. You can also use the dry cloth for this. A little more dust can quickly collect in the small corners, so these should also be cleaned thoroughly.

Tip 6

Tip 6

Electrical appliances like that FM transmitter from the current test attract the dust quickly again and again. It is therefore important not to put off cleaning too much. Dry cleaning, which takes place once a week or every two weeks, ensures the necessary cleanliness.

Tip 7

Tip 7

Cleaning brushes and air sprays are available for removing dust particles in difficult corners. So the dirt can be removed without much effort.

Tip 8

Tip 8

Special products for car care have no place in electrical appliances. A cockpit spray containing chemicals or liquids could damage the electronic components.

Tip 9

Tip 9

The FM transmitter should be handled with care. You shouldn't be too rough when connecting. The smartphone also lasts longer if you handle it carefully and store it in a safe place.

Tip 10

Tip 10

If the FM transmitter will not be used for a long time after testing, it should be stored well. In a bag or in the original packaging, it is protected from dust and other influences.

Useful accessories

When comparing the FM transmitters, take a look at the scope of delivery and thrown the accessories. The delivery usually includes a detailed instruction manual. A cable that is used for the power supply can also be included. Some models are equipped with a remote control that is already used for Original delivery belongs. This remote control makes it easy to set the functions as desired.