Why is water so perfect

Why drinking water is so important

What is the optimal amount to drink per day?

That is a fair question and not that easy to answer.

A hard working one Craftsman naturally requires more fluids than someone who spends 8 hours mostly sitting in an office. Exactly one nursing mother compared to a woman of otherwise the same height and weight. Then there are of course other factors, such as illnesses, intense physical stress or extreme heat, that you should take into account.

Usually, however 2.5 to 3.5 liters of water a day a good idea. Plus what you sweat out during exercise or other exertions.

In the beginning it seems like a lot to you and you are happy if you manage 1.5 liters a day.

But, hey, that's a great reason to shop ... buy yourself a great new one Drinking bottlewho will be your most loyal companion from now on. Since then I have loved drinking bottles of all kinds and no longer go out of the house without them. After all, that's how you do it with your children ... always something to drink and of course to eat in your handbag for the little ones. You just keep forgetting yourself.

Think about yourself and your health !!

After reading this article - which ones Drinking habits would you like to improve? If you already have a good grip on drinking, tell me about your experiences. What has changed for the better for you as a result? I look forward to your very personal message.

At this point, cheers to all readers.

Your Caro
Trainer, coach, mom and person with heart and mind

"Get to know water properly and it will always be a reliable friend to you."
-Parson Sebastian Kneipp-