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Kavya Pratap Singh's father has chosen the perfect groom for his daughter: Angad lives in the USA, is a doctor, does not drink alcohol, looks like a model and is extremely well trained. After his other daughter divorced because she fell in love with a man who turned out to be a bad husband, he wants to arrange a marriage for his youngest daughter who he believes has better prospects of success. Love just gets in the way. This is about facts. And they clearly speak for the chosen son-in-law Angad.

If it weren't for ... love and his daughter Kavya had already fallen in love with someone else. Humpty Sharma has nothing of what the "Alpha Punjabi" Angad has to show. But he has a big heart and loves Kavya. After he confesses his love to her father, he is first beaten by his gang of thugs. Humpty fights for his love and so Kavya's father gives him a chance: if he finds a single reason within five days why Angad is not a good husband for Kavya, he can marry her. At this point the film could really have offered an exciting resolution to the conflict: a dark secret that is cleverly coaxed from the fiancé. Or in the end, Humpty admits that the groom is perfect and because he wants Kavya to have a perfect life, he releases her, which in turn shows the father how much Humpty loves his daughter. Now. It turns out differently. I had to laugh a little at myself because I expected something exciting to happen here. With the expectation, the end was unfortunately a bit ridiculous.

I found the movieHumpty Sharma Ki Dulhania but still very cute. Alia Bhatt can perfectly embody the headstrong, modern, educated woman. Despite all her emancipated nature, she does not want to disappoint her father and first accepts the arranged marriage. There are so many films about arranged marriages as this type of marriage is very common in India. In most films there is always drama because love sparkles in between. Love vs reason. So good stuff for romantic heartbreak made in Bollywood.

To see on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/de/title/80073188

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