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Art coaching Berweger

Advice and Marte Meo coaching (video-based development-oriented communication method) for parents and teachers. Lectures. Parents meeting talented and sensitive. Strength and interest-based talent development for artistically and visually spatially interested and talented children and young people.

→ www.artcoaching-berweger.ch

gifted & happy
Talented & Happy is a private counseling and training offer for children, young people, parents and teachers. It offers ped. Diagnostics (clarification of potential), advice, support, coaching and further training for gifted and gifted development, giftedness and self-directed learning

→ begabtundglueckli.ch

BrainZone is a private, independent, well-networked advisory and training program for children and young people, parents and teachers. BrainZone offers advice, coaching and further training for the promotion of talent and giftedness, for self-directed learning and language promotion.

→ www.brain-zone.ch

Edulink - educational advice and expertise
Edulink offers educational advice for parents, legal guardians and young adults who want to get an insight into the wide range of educational opportunities from an independent specialist.

→ www.edulink.ch

Enrichment in language classes
Around 100 ideas for enrichment in language classes (page in French)

→ www.pedagonet.com

Advice and training for parents, teachers and children / young people; Expert placement, homeschooling and special projects related to the promotion of talented students.

→ www.geist-reich.ch

Swiss Institute for Giftedness
Clarification, counseling and psychotherapy in the case of giftedness, underperformance and ADHD / ADD, as well as further training and supervision.

→ www.instituthochbegabung.ch

Practice thinking space

Advice to parents, teachers and authorities on the subject of giftedness, clarifications, psychological advice, workshops on giftedness.

→ www.praxis-denkraum.ch

Practice for promoting talent and learning
Coaching and support for highly talented students, advice for parents and teachers, remedial courses.

→ www.motiviert-lernen.ch

Practice for learning and performance issues

The practice offers talent assessments with advice on support issues, assessments to identify strengths for professional development, comprehensive psychological assessments of school learning difficulties, treatment programs based on the HANDLE method for learning and developmental difficulties, advice on educational issues and learning therapies for children with learning problems.

→ www.lernenundbaren.ch

Practice proTalent
Intellectual, emotional and / or professional assessment, talent analysis, coaching and support for adults. Special focus for the gifted (including art and music).


Practice PsYkids
Assessment of the current situation, advice and support for children, young people and families. Gifted diagnosis and support.

→ www.psykids.ch

Practice community Lichtblick
Educational-psychological advice and clarifications

→ www.praxis-lichtblick.ch

stedtnitz.design your life GMbH
Potential analyzes and implementation aids for parents, assistance in dealing with blockages and partial performance difficulties for young people, training and study advice, life and career planning for adults. Comprehensive, holistic and strength-oriented. We change lives!

→ www.stedtnitz.ch


The symposium is organized annually in March by the association of the same name and provides for lectures, workshops and a variety of practice-oriented exchange opportunities.

→ www.symposium-begabung.ch

Center for Development and Personality Diagnostics (ZEPD)
The ZEPD is one of the three centers of the University Psychological Services of the Faculty of Psychology. The offer of the center includes psychological investigations / diagnostics in various areas of personal development, counseling and assessment activities.

→ psychologie.unibas.ch


Aargau Literature House
The Aargauer Literaturhaus. Literature and language, promotes children and adolescents with literary writing workshops run by professional authors.

→ www.aargauer-literaturhaus.ch

Association Suisse pour les Enfants Précoces ASEP
Pour répondre aux besoins des enfants "HP", l'ASEP s'est donné pour but d'aider à les détecter, de les soutenir et de les accompagner. L'ASEP mobilise auprès des enseignants et autorités scolaires, organise des conférences, des rencontres entre parents et des activités pour les enfants membres.

→ asehp.ch

Gifted natural sciences
Funding project of the Metrohm Foundation Herisau across all school levels with the aim of awakening and increasing the joy of natural sciences in motivated, talented children and young people.


Chess4kids is a chess organization in the greater Zurich and Zug area and offers courses for children between 4 and 15 years of age. Lessons are given in small groups in German and English.

→ www.chess4kids.ch

The school of thought
The school of thought is an association for gifted and gifted development. It offers ideas, materials and documents for interdisciplinary teaching in the areas of multimedia, computer science, technology and the natural sciences. The impartiality and creativity of the children turn small and large learning spaces into a gripping MINT project!

→ www.die-denkschule.ch

Parents association for gifted children EHK
All-Swiss association that wants to stand up for the concerns and interests of gifted children and their parents.

→ www.ehk.ch

FBK association for the promotion of particularly gifted children in the canton of Bern
The FBK supports children with special talents through workshops both inside and outside of school. Children can be given a morning allowance by the Cantonal Education Directorate so that they can attend the promotional program. Holiday and weekend workshops are also offered.

→ www.fbk-bern.ch

Flying Teachers
In addition to language courses, Flying Teachers also offer courses and mentoring for children and young people. Skills in different areas are promoted by trained specialists.

→ www.flyingteachers.com

KinderUni - Enrichment offer of the EHK
The KinderUni courses are intended exclusively for children with special talents (gifted) between the ages of around 7 and 14.

→ www.kinderuni.org

The LearningCulture CodeSchool organizes programming courses for children and young people between the ages of 8-15. The offer is intended as a demanding leisure activity for gifted children. Lessons are held in small groups of approx. 6 students so that the participants can be looked after individually. The range of courses includes basics, game design and robotics courses.

→ www.learningculture.ch

Swiss canteen
Society founded with the aim of fostering contacts between people with an IQ over 130 (changers).

→ www.mensa.ch

Mentally strong4kids
Mental-stark4kids combines intensive training of your own perception with games, sports and fun. In this way, every child can use their talents and strengths to advance other areas of development. In addition, the children get to know each other very well and can use their resources in a targeted and sustainable manner.

→ mental-stark4.com/mental-stark4kids

Mentoring Musical Minds
A holistic and future-oriented program for gifted and talent development in music. The mentoring is aimed at individuals and small groups as well as, in an expanded form, for example as an enrichment program, at institutions such as music schools and other schools.

→ www.mentoringmusicalminds.com

Eastern Switzerland forum for giftedness OFFH
The OFFH association offers intellectually gifted children in Eastern Switzerland courses that correspond to their extraordinary abilities, here they can work at their level of thinking and get to know other children and young people who want to think and work similarly. Mediation of clarification, advice and support centers is also part of the offer.

→ www.offh.ch

Write current
Mentoring and language lessons for children and young people specializing in the promotion of talent; Literature and writing workshops; Advice for schools and parents.

→ www.schreibstrom.ch

Swiss Science Olympiads
The Association of the Swiss Science Olympiads gives talented and motivated young people an in-depth look at the natural sciences. Among other things, he organizes competitions for middle school students in five natural sciences.

→ www.olympiads.ch

Swiss Study Foundation
The Swiss Study Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that has been active at Swiss universities and technical colleges since 1991. It promotes excellent students whose personality, creativity and intellectual interest point to future achievements in science, business, culture and politics.

→ www.studienstiftung.ch

Prof. Dr. Margrit tribe
Ongoing and completed research projects and evaluations on the subject of giftedness.

→ http://perso.unifr.ch/margrit.stamm

Foundation for gifted children
The foundation for gifted children financially and ideally supports projects and specialists throughout Switzerland. “Point of contact for gifted people”: This free advice center informs affected parents, children and interested professionals and laypeople about all questions that are relevant in connection with above-average abilities.

→ www.hochbegabt.ch

Swiss Youth Research Foundation
The aim of the foundation is to awaken and encourage young people to enjoy science and research. The foundation offers all young people in Switzerland between the ages of 14 and 21 the opportunity to get to know scientific work or research in practice by holding a competition for initial research work, organizing study weeks and other services.

→ www.sjf.ch

Talenta Science Series (TSS) in Zurich
The Talenta school offers talented primary school children their exciting scientific projects in small groups on Wednesday afternoons. Head: Xaver Heer, biologist, headmaster TALENTA.

→ www.talenta.ch (TSS course)

The hub for free education

→ www.userlearn.ch

The “Universikum” program for talented students in the city of Zurich, headed by the Talent Promotion Office, has been offering “Universikum” courses for highly talented pupils and “Mosaic” advanced training courses for employees of the municipal elementary school since 2003.

→ www.stadt-zuerich.ch/universikum


Brain talent
The BRAINTALENT® publishing house offers school material for cognitively talented pupils, which can be used during lessons if a child is under-challenged or if they go through the standard learning material at an accelerated pace. New school material will be made available in German-speaking countries at regular intervals, such as school material for linguistically or mathematically gifted children and young people.

→ www.braintalent.ch / school material

explore-it develops stimulating learning opportunities for independent research and thus promotes the understanding of technology and the ability to innovate in children and young people. Explore-it also offers further training for teachers.

→ www.explore-it.org

IIM Research
The Individual Interest Research Method is a 7-step method with which children and young people acquire basic strategies in order to independently research their own topic that interests them.

→ www.iimresearch.ch

Children's and Youth Museum Foundation: Mobile Museum hodgepodge
The Mobile Museum offers exhibitions, studios and hands-on activities on art and cultural exchange for all school levels. It comes to you in the school building with all of the studio material: e.g. with exhibits, papers, pens, paints, tools, games, musical instruments or costumes. It has a permanent location in the Kern school building in Zurich and can always be found where it is needed.

→ www.kijumu.ch


academia International School
Academia International School is a bilingual all-day school from kindergarten to graduation from Progymnasium and an English college that prepares pupils for the British university entrance qualification. In small classes, individual learning and thus the promotion of talent is a top priority. The British A-Level, the British university entrance qualification, enables very talented students in particular to deepen their knowledge, take on challenges and study all over the world.

→ www.academia-international.ch/

Basel Center for Education
Private high school and primary school with integrated support for gifted children.

→ www.bzb.ch

As a bilingual day school with a musical profile, the Cantaleum Zurich offers a wide range of academic and musical challenges. Lesson modules that are individually adapted to the child, mixed-age classes and making music together create an optimal learning atmosphere.

→ www.cantaleum.ch

clix - the school
The lessons are based on the findings of the School Enrichment Model (SEM) by Renzulli / Reis. The school works individually, based on the strengths of the children, taking into account the learning styles. The team is convinced that mixed-age learning makes a valuable contribution to talent-enhancing teaching.

→ www.clix.ch

d'Insle (Montessori School)
The denominationally neutral, bilingual (D / E) day school and works according to the principles of Montessori pedagogy. Children between the ages of 1 and 12 are trained and looked after in the four departments of kindergartens (pre-kindergarten, kindergarten) and primary school (elementary level and intermediate level), but above all they receive individual and holistic support.

→ www.dinsle.ch


Center for the promotion of special talents at EMS Schiers. Highly gifted children are promoted according to their abilities in mixed-age groups for one day or half a day. The target group are those children who are temporarily underchallenged in regular class lessons and who need special challenges due to their intellectual talents.

→ www.heureka-schiers.ch

ipso house of learning
The ipso House of Learning in Basel is a day school at secondary level I (compulsory school time 5th to 9th school year plus 10th school year). Learning is done in level courses with individual learning coaching, whereby talents can be promoted in a targeted manner. The fractal of the house of learning includes respectful interaction with one another and independent learning.

→ www.hausdeslernens.ch

KiTs day school

The KiTs day school is a bilingual school with individual talent promotion for average to above average gifted children from the basic level (kindergarten to 2nd grade) up to and including the upper level.

→ www.kits-dayschool.ch

LMS - learning is fun
From the 2003/2004 school year, high-performing and motivated children in Lucerne will be given the opportunity to attend the 3rd - 6th primary class in small classes of a maximum of 12 students and highly individualized lessons with integrated support for the gifted.

→ www.lms-schule.ch

Lernstudio Challenge, support class for gifted students at the Lernstudio Winterthur
The learning studio wants to be a place of learning with an affirmative school atmosphere. Through individual advice and targeted support in class, group or individual lessons, schoolchildren learn to become more proactive and more competent at school.

→ www.lernstudio.ch

Lip School Zurich
A pedagogical concept of person-centered teaching is used here based on the one developed by Carl Rogers. The teacher offers the students help in learning, but does not stand in the way of independent learning.The Lipschule is now also offering a basic level from 3 years of age.

→ www.lipschule.ch

Montessori House of Kids Adliswil
As a bilingual (German-English) children's house, the House of Kids accompanies children from 4 months until they start school. The holistic offer guarantees every child optimal development conditions and enables them to effectively utilize their existing potential.

→ www.houseofkids.ch

Montessori School Seetal
The pedagogy of Maria Montessori is about promoting the child holistically. An important guiding principle is: "Help me do it myself". We offer the child a prepared learning environment where they can set their own pace. Specially developed learning material leads from grasping to grasping.

→ www.montessori-seetal.ch

School Talentia Zug
Private day school for highly talented primary school students recognized by the Education Council since 2006. Specialists in the promotion of talent teach a maximum of 12 learners per class and achieve the objectives of the curriculum of the canton of Zug in an accelerated, deepened and expanded manner.

→ www.talentia.ch

Stepping stone
Springboard is a unique, private project in the city of Zurich for the individual advancement of differently gifted children between 3 and 12 years. The springboard concept focuses on the idea of ​​support and thus the child itself. Living and learning in a mixed-age group and based on the principles of Montessori pedagogy.

→ www.sprungbrett.eu

Day school Elementa Neuheim / ZG
The Elementa day school is a primary school that promotes gifted children who are willing to learn. Individual support in small classes with a maximum of 16 children. Elementa combines the areas of teaching, games, sports, handicraft and musical activities as a unit. The school works with the School Enrichment Model (SEM) funding program.

→ www.tagesschule-elementa.ch

Talent promotion_Gymnasium Hofwil
The Hofwil grammar school offers young people with special talents in the fields of sport, music, design & art or acting a compact training combination: They can devote themselves to a second, professionally oriented artistic or sporting education parallel to the grammar school. Our training partners HKB (Bern University of the Arts) and the corresponding sports associations are responsible for the special training.

→ www.gymhofwil.ch

School for gifted children of primary school age (Zurich, Basel). The general concept of Talenta is to allow each child to learn at their own pace in the cognitive subjects. The Talenta association maintains numerous international professional contacts (World Council, ECHA, Eurotalent).

→ www.talenta.ch

foreign countries


Gifted Center
→ www.begabtenzentrum.de

Talent guide
→ www.begabungslotse.de

Education & Talent - Federal and State Talent Promotion Center
→ www.bildung-und-begabung.de

German society for gifted children
→ www.dghk.de/

German student academy
→ www.deutsche-schuelerakademie.de

Forum on giftedness (and information for parents, teachers, students)
→ www.logios.de

Promotion of Gifted Students e.V.
→ www.hbf-ev.de

Institute for Youth Management
The IJM offers school-complementary educational programs for individual support up to studies parallel to school
→ www.ijm-online.de

International Center for Talent Research (ICBF) at the University of Münster
→ www.icbf.de

Karg Foundation for the promotion of gifted children
→ www.karg-stiftung.de

Nationwide advice and research center for gifted people

→ www.lbfh.uni-erlangen.de

LRS-Portal.net - the dyslexia online portal
→ www.lrs-portal.net/themen/hochbegabung/index.php

Margarete Guder Foundation
Promotion of gifted children and young people as well as STEM students
→ www.margarete-guder-stiftung.de

Network acceleration
The Acceleration Network consists of a small group of professionals and parents who are committed to the sensible use of acceleration (early school enrollment, skipping classes, acceleration in a subject, early studies, ...).
→ www.netzwerk-akzeleration.de


Giftedness in young children
→ www.klugekinder.at

özbf - Austrian Center for Gifted Education and Research
→ www.oezbf.at

TATE for parents

→ tate.at


Association Française pour les Enfants Précoces
→ www.afep-asso.fr/

Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development
→ www.gifted.uconn.edu


World Council for Gifted and Talented Children
→ www.world-gifted.org

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