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Reddit Ads Guide: How to Place Your Ad

Reddit is one of the most visited sites on the Internet worldwide. Users can share and comment on content on specific topics. With a points system, everyone else can rate the quality of the contributions. An upvote increases the popularity, the downvote lowers you accordingly. Advertisers can use the platform to cleverly place their brands and companies in the social news feed. In this guide, we'll show you exactly how Reddit Ads works.

Reddit: "The frontpage of the internet" According to ahrefs, it is the ninth most visited website in the world and likes to call itself “The Internet's homepage”. Although the social network is reminiscent of the earlier days of the Internet in terms of design and look, it offers users a huge amount of information in the form of countless online communities. These in turn consist of numerous topic threads with countless opinions.

While Twitter with individual tweets or pictures Hashtags makes it searchable for users, so on Reddit it is the so-called subreddit. A Subreddit is a collection of posts on a specific topic, e.g. B. the Olympic Games. These individual subreddits (topics / ideas) are created and moderated by the users. As a user, you can actively participate in the discussion or just read along silently. Subreddits can be subscribed to by clicking on the "Subscribe" button.

Structure of a subreddit using the example of the “Olympic Games 2020” in Tokyo. Screenshot: / FLYERALARM Digital

The most important figures of the platform:
Every day, Reddit is actively used by over 52 million users. According to the company's own information, there are a total of over 100,000 online communities (subreddits) on Reddit. However, these numbers are from 2020 and are likely to have increased further in the meantime.

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Why you should advertise on Reddit

Reddit is the central point of contact for many users to find out about products, brand recommendations and trends. Users trust the expertise of other community users because they are not paid for your opinion. For brands and companies, Reddit is an important marketing channel along the Customer journeyin order to be able to draw attention to one's own products during the information and research phase.

An example scenario:
A game developer can advertise their online browser game in numerous gaming subreddits. In this way, display ads can be placed in the middle of the discussion for similar games. In this way, new users who are already familiar with other games from the same genre can be made aware of your own product.

Which advertising formats can be placed on Reddit?

Reddit Ads provides numerous ad placements in order to be able to place your own message at exactly the right time and in the right place. In the following section we will show you in detail the different formats with which you can place your company on Reddit. .

Important note: The information given here is from February 2021 and is subject to change at any time. If you are interested in booking a campaign, the FLYERALARM Digital team will be happy to help.

Ad auction: Place display advertising on Reddit 💻

Generate attention with visually appealing banner ads that are placed in the feed or in special categories. Show your ads when people are on your home feed, popularity feed, or community feed. Another option is to control advertising to users who are currently interacting with others on a specific topic. Ads are displayed in a pinned position between the topic and the first comment. Billing takes place here on an auction basis, e.g. B. via CPC or CPM.

Promoted Post or Promoted Video Ads

Screenshot: / FLYERALARM Digital

With a Promoted Post or one Promoted video ad place your company directly in the feed or in individual conversations. This advertising format is used on desktops, on the mobile web and in the Reddit app displayed. For the best possible User experience ensures a native display in Reddit social feed. The ad comes with all of the elements of a standard Reddit post, including upvotes, downvotes, and the ability to comment.

Various data must be uploaded for this form of display advertising. Classic image ads / promoted posts consist of the respective graphic and a Call to Action-Button. A Card image in the dimension 1200x628px required. The maximum file size is 3 MB. This also includes a 4: 3 format thumbnail, e.g. B. 400x300px with a maximum file size of 400kb.

What are the special features of display ads?
Display ads on Reddit can be implemented purely statically. This means that GIF animations are not supported. The Call to Action-Button is not absolutely necessary, but it is advantageous to define it. With Promoted videos it is possible to place moving images. Your ad video can be 1GB or less and 30 seconds or less. A length of 5-15 seconds is recommended. By the way: With image and video ads, you can always choose whether or not comments on your ad are allowed.

Exclusive: Takeover Ads 🎬

Takeover Ads are another option in addition to the classic image and video ads, which, however, cannot be booked directly via the online platform. They are special packages that can only be booked through a special team at Reddit. These packages guarantee maximum visibility, but can only be booked for 24 hours.

24 hours: The complete category takeover

Screenshot: / FLYERALARM Digital

With a Category takeover you can place your advertising in selected subreddits / communities. Whenever users enter this community, your ad will be the first thing users see. Several advertising spaces are included in this takeover package.

Components of a category takeover:

  • Promoted Post (first in-feed ad placement)
  • Top banner (300 × 600 or 300 × 250)
  • Sticky Banner (300 × 250)

Start pages / front page takeover

Screenshot: / FLYERALARM Digital

As mentioned earlier, what counts Reddit among the most visited websites in the world. With the homepage takeover you can draw attention to your brand or your company prominently on the homepage or within the popular section.

Advertising formats in the homepage takeover:

  • Promoted Post (first in-feed ad placement)
  • Top banner (300 × 600 or 300 × 250)
  • Sticky Banner (300 × 250)

Popular topics / trending takeovers

Screenshot: / FLYERALARM Digital

By taking over the trending section, you increase your brand awareness for 24 hours. This makes your brand the only topic on “Popular today”. When users are in these areas or in the search, your trend is particularly highlighted. This type of advertising is also a bundle that consists of several formats.

The components in detail:

  • Popular trending
  • Trending in the field of search
  • Trending on its own landing page

The complete Reddit takeover

Screenshot: / FLYERALARM Digital

The Reddit takeover is the most comprehensive marketing package from the point of view of advertising effectiveness. This is a 24-hour takeover of the Home, Popular and Search areas. It's basically a combination of two takeover variants: namely start page and trends.

The Reddit takeover includes:

  • Promoted Post (first in-feed ad placement)
  • Top Banner (Above the Fold Banner)
  • Sticky banner: (Sticky Below the Fold Banner)
  • Popular trending
  • Trending in the field of search
  • Trending on its own landing page

How do I run Reddit campaigns?

With the Reddit Ads dashboard, Reddit offers a self-service tool for booking and placing your advertising campaigns. The campaign for classic display ads is accessible to everyone on an auction basis. Takeover campaigns and placements in particularly prominent positions are only possible through the Reddit sales team. This means that a certain creative (advertising format) with fixed terms and a certain contingent of impressions or clicks is purchased. Your advantage: The performance is guaranteed right from the start.

If you are interested in a campaign, please contact our experts directly. We advise and plan your campaign together with you so that you get the best possible result for your advertising budget. We also take care of the control and display of your campaign on Reddit.

What does Reddit advertising cost and how can I book an ad?

Depending on the desired type of advertising, booking is either possible directly in an advertising auction or exclusively through the sales team. With FLYERALARM Digital you can book your campaigns directly with a guaranteed reach, e. B. 15,000 impressions for 150 euros net.

Book advertising on Reddit

You are welcome to request a non-binding offer for your first Reddit campaign here. Just let us know which advertising format you are interested in and what goal you would like to achieve.

Tools for creating your display ads

Do you need appealing advertising graphics for Reddit ads? As a FLYERALARM customer, you can use our online designer to create your online advertisements for the most relevant platforms and networks free of charge. Choose from dozens of templates, millions of stock photos and illustrations and start designing your Reddit ad today.

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Of course, our video company also delivers the right moving images for your video advertising on Reddit. We would be happy to show you the advantages of video campaigns in more detail and work with you to find the right marketing solutions for your project. Feel free to contact us at any time.