Smoked Bill Clinton weed

The magazine - No. 37

The development aid scandal

It could have been the great investigative hit. A fluter story that actually makes waves at times. We learned from a contact from the Arab region that German development aid is being used in Lebanon for the production of drugs. The laboratory was supposedly located in the area controlled by the Islamist Hezbollah militia. Just before we booked the flights, we learned more details. The target was an investment banker who brewed espresso-flavored beer. The German embassy allegedly offered their help. Apparently it was about the production of pils that complied with the German purity law.

A lobby for weed

There are associations and lobbyists for pretty much everything in Germany, from animal feed producers to solar panel manufacturers and the funeral industry. However, it was new to us that the stoners also have a lobby. But the hemp lobby really does exist, and it is located in a small office in Berlin. The aim of the association is not only to legalize marijuana, but also to provide information: For example, it regularly warns on its website if weeds contaminated with lead or glass appear anywhere in Germany. One of the activists has a mane of red dreadlocks and looks pretty much what a cliché stoner would imagine. He's still a good lobbyist. Like the man from the tobacco industry whom we portrayed in his place, he is also quite eloquent and knows a lot about legal matters.

Politicians on drugs

"Now the coke works for me, you. I feel totally awake." The YouTube video, in which you can see how the former judge and Hamburg Senator for the Interior, Ronald Barnabas Schill takes cocaine, is admittedly a particularly bizarre chapter in the saga Politicians-on-drugs. Especially since Schill, as a judge, campaigned for a merciless zero tolerance policy towards criminals. Former US President Bill Clinton has also admitted smoking but not inhaling a joint. His successor, George W. Bush, was an alcoholic. And Obama smoked and coked. Then why not commission a text on the subject? With the exception of Mr Schill, very little is known of misconduct among German politicians.

Christiane F.

At the end of the seventies, two reporters for Stern magazine wrote a documentary novel about a young drug addict from Berlin. The fate of Christiane F. shook millions. F. had started taking drugs at the age of twelve and was a child. After the success of the book "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo", Christiane F. tried herself as a pop musician. "I'm so addicted - to feel your steering wheel" she sings in her song "Wunderbar". Again and again it was said that Germany's most famous drug addict had defeated her addiction, but in 2008 it became known that the youth welfare office had taken Christiane F.'s son into care because she had relapsed again.