Why do people like to wear polo shirts?

5 Ways To Wear It: The Polo Shirt

Let me guess, in addition to a selection of shirts, pullovers and shirts, you are guaranteed to find another item in your closet: The one and ony polo shirt!
It could be described as a quiet extras in the life of the gentleman: Almost everyone owns one, but the item of clothing is rarely the star of the outfit. And completely wrongly, because the good thing about the shirt is that you can wear it for almost any occasion. And accordingly stylish! So don't miss out on how you can use the all-rounder in the best possible way and get a little pep in your styling!

1. Suit Up

How do you dress for work Unless you're working in a bank or some other job with a strict dress code, you probably only get your suit out of the closet for weddings or Christmas, right? When I look around the office, I hardly find anyone in a suit. How about a casual combination of polo and jacket? Together, the two can become the main part of your styling! A gray suit with a navy blue polo: your outfit is perfect. Instead of the blue polo, you can of course also wear a more striking color. That makes for an extra accent! This combination shows professionalism and is still casual. A perfect outfit to inspire the ladies too.

Suit by HUGO BOSS :: Polo by Ralph Lauren

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2. Dare to strip

The masculine minimalism in terms of fashion is over. If you look in your closet, you will probably notice for yourself that it has become more and more colorful over time. Polo can of course keep up with that. But watch out, it shouldn't be too much color either! Instead of a floral pattern, it is best to use reliable stripes. Stripes have never let you down with suits, and neither have stripes with polo.
As a beginner, two colors are sufficient for now. If you are a little more daring, you are welcome to use more colors. But please not too many! Because let me tell you: In the animal kingdom, females like colorful conspecifics, but with us humans this is not the case with outfits that are too colorful 😉

Polo by Gant :: Polo by RLX :: Polo by Tommy Hilfiger

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3. Bright from head to toe

Due to the great summer this year, you probably still have a solid residual tan, right? Then it's best to choose a gray, sand-colored or beige polo shirt. The light colors are particularly effective against tanned skin. But be careful: please don't fall into old habits and pair the light polo with dark pants! Go for chinos in a light color for your trousers as well.

Polo shirt by RLX BY RALPH LAUREN :: chinos by Tom Tailor :: sunglasses by Retrosuperfuture :: sneakers by adidas Originals

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4. Piping look

You are not new to the stripe design on the collar, but have you never thought about the technical term? Then it is high time, because now all signs point to piping! With the piping look, the polo is spiced up a lot with the simple edging on the collar and cuff. ‚
Thanks to the simple yet fresh design, you can combine the Piping Polo in a variety of ways. Regardless of whether you fancy shorts or chinos, you will never go wrong with the piping-look polo. Fun fact: the piping design, which was mainly used in school uniforms, made its revival thanks to the 5 year old Prince George. Yep - a little prince rules our fashion trends 😉

Polo by Fred Perry :: Polo by BOSS :: Polo by Lacoste

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5. Hollywood’s Golden Age

Why have we never noticed before how well the polo shirt goes with patterned pleated trousers ?! Jet back to the golden 50s with this classic ensemble! So you can compete with the likes of Fred Astaire and Cary Grant - or today's Spiderman Tom Holland. But watch out, you have to be careful with this combination, otherwise you will be mistaken for your grandpa at the next family photo. Make sure that the pants are cut narrow, with polo I advise you to have a striking design. If you do that, you will make your other family members look old.

Polo shirt by Ralph Lauren :: Pants by Drykorn :: Belt by Bugatti :: Briefcase by Jost :: Sneakers by Converse

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As you can see, the polo shirt no longer has to play the extra in your wardrobe. No other piece of clothing is so versatile and makes you look chic and stylish for every occasion. Whether in the office, at parties or while drinking coffee, depending on the combination or design, you can never go wrong. So if that's no reason to buy a few more of the all-rounder, then I don't know either 😉

Images: Unsplash