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Corona Citizen Information ... protect against the virus and contribute to the protection of others through your behavior, you can find z. B. at https: // www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.ded / coronavirus.html or https: // www.infektionsschutz.de / coronavirus /. The ... read more
E-procurement ... for intended restricted tenders from an expected order value of € 25,000 excluding sales tax, the WVER also publishes on the NRW procurement marketplace: https: // www.evergabe.nrw.de / VMPCenter / company / welcome.do Awarded orders Announcements according to § 20 Paragraph 3 ... read more
Citizens' meeting in Ophoven on August 29, 2020 ... This would now result in the need to rethink and revise the previous concept. Also with regard to the bestThe existing dyke will be examined to see which rehabilitation needs are bestbefore, and where this is still ... read more
Water association offers the opportunity to get to know many professions at Girls' Day ... like civil engineers and biologists. Girls who are interested in the professions mentioned can register via the Internet portal www.girls-day.de inform. There you can see by entering the postcode which offers ... read more
Data protection declaration ... a right of appeal to the competent supervisory authority. You also have the right under bestto request the restriction of the processing of your personal data in all circumstances. Details can be found in the data protection declaration ... read more
Home ... and sewage cleans you can find out here Supplied What the WVER does to ensure that the region does not run out of water - here you will find out Innovative We are always bestrebt still ... read more
23.07.2018: 15,000 liters per second shoot out of the Rurtalsperre The Eifel-Rur Water Association (WVER) is not only celebrating its 25th anniversary this year Bestmarry. It is also celebrating the 80th birthday of ... read more
Start of training for the skilled workers of tomorrow ... motivated trainees. Current information on training and application options can be found on the WVER website (www.wver.de / ausbildung). The new trainees of the WVER with the training team as well as HR managers at the largest ... read more
Plastic ... EU supports. Arno Hoppmann Head of the River Basin Management Department +49 2421 494-1312 Write an email Project homepage: www.litterfreerivers andstreams.eu Total duration: 08/2018 - 07/2021 Total project costs: € 1.5 million Funding: 50 percent through the EU ... read more
Wasserverband Eifel-Rur answers questions about the corona virus and water ... offers on its website www.wver.de provides a multitude of answers to questions that people have about water at the moment. Citizens can also send their questions and suggestions directly to ... read more
Trainees said goodbye and immediately welcomed them again as new employees ... HR clerk trained and remains active in the association's HR department in Düren. More information on training at WVER is available on the association's website at www.wver.de. Auslerner, permanent representative of the ... read more
Wastewater in the focus of World Water Day ... Wastewater treatment is of interest, also through which sewage treatment plants can be conducted. The internet homepage also provides further information on how it works and the processes in a sewage treatment plant. The adress is: www.wver.de ... read more
Many challenges in water management ... Homepage of the association - www.wver.de - under Public Relations, Publications and Brochures. v. l .: Dr. Stefan Cuypers, Vice Chairman of the WVER Association Council, Dr.-Ing. Joachim Reichert, WVER board member, Paul Larue, ... read more
In its 25th anniversary year, Wasserverband is presenting its work to a broad public ... on sewage treatment plants and dams, but also on guided bike tours to water renaturation measures and information stands at various civic festivals of its member communities. An overview with further information can be found on the WVER homepage at www.wver.de ... read more
Start of the anniversary year of the WVER and the inauguration of the ozonation system at the Aachen-Soers sewage treatment plant ... targeting the general public and providing information on the various aspects of the work of the Eifel-Rur water association can be found on the WVER website: www.wver.de. 25 years of WVER: serving the region and ... read more
WVER's water dialogue on the dams in the North Eifel on International Water Day ... explain the effects of climate change. Subsequently bestEnough space for questions and a discussion. The Water Dialogue on March 22nd will take place from 6 pm to 8 pm in the administration building ... read more
The WVER's Olef dam opens its inner workings ... Securing commercial water rights. The association opens on the occasion of its 25th year BestOn Saturday, September 22nd, 2018, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., the gates of the dam ... read more
The Aachen-Brand sewage treatment plant opens its doors to all interested citizens ... Komericher Weg just outside of Brand. The water association is happy to have many visitors. Registration is not required. Further information is available atwww.wver.de. Announcement poster aerial photo of the Aachen-Brand sewage treatment plant ... read more
Wasserverband presents a new waste management concept ... corresponding legal regulations resulting from the EU regulations on recycling management and the bestRecovered or disposed of due to the technical possibilities available. To this end, the association is creating a so-called waste management concept, which is now ... read more
Wasserverband Eifel-Rur welcomes new trainees ... Beumers from Gangelt trained as a geomatician. Further information on all apprenticeships at WVER as well as the current offers can be found on the homepage www.wver.de can be found under the menu item "Training". The new ... read more
“Alles im Fluss” - Citizens 'Dialogue of the WVER on the maintenance and development of flowing waters “Alles im Fluss” - Citizens' Dialogue of the WVER on the maintenance and development of flowing waters Our landscape is not only made up of fields, meadows and forests bestimmt, rivers also have a decisive influence on the environment ... read more
The Eschweiler sewage treatment plant opens its doors to all interested citizens ... the A4 motorway at the Weisweiler exit. The water association is happy to have many visitors. Registration is not required. Further information is available at www.wver.de. The Eschweiler sewage treatment plant ... read more
Water Association Eifel-Rur Eisenbahnstraße 5 52353 Düren Tel .: 02421 494-0 Fax: 02421 494-1508 Internet: www.wver.de E-Mail: [email protected] The Eifel-Rur Water Association (WVER) is a public corporation. Authorized representative: Dr.-Ing. Joachim Reichert, ... read more
Activités - Chiffres - Faits ... Larue, maire de Düren Directeur général: Dr.-Ing. Joachim Reichert Address et schéma d‘accès: Wasserverband Eifel-Rur Eisenbahnstr. 5 52353 Düren Fon: +49 2421 4940 Fax: +49 2421 494 1508 contact @ wver www.wver.de ... read more
Responsibilities - Data - Facts ... Paul Larue, mayor of Düren Chief executive officer: Dr.-Ing. Joachim Reichert Address and Map: Eifel-Rur Water Association Eisenbahnstr. 5 52353 Düren Tel .: +49 2421 4940 Fax: +49 2421 1508 contact @ wver www.wver.de ... read more
Tasks - Figures - Facts ... Water supplier Chairman of the Association Council: Paul Larue, Mayor of the City of Düren Board of Directors: Dr.-Ing. Joachim Reichert Address and directions: Wasserverband Eifel-Rur Eisenbahnstr. 5 52353 Düren Tel .: 02421 4940 Fax: 02421 494 1508 contact @ wver www.wver.de ... read more
Trace elements ... Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Ozonation. Ozone: Science & Engineering. The Journal of the International Ozone Association https://doi.org/10.1080/01919512.2019.1645641 https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/KAXUURXHUNKZUXISANEY/full?target=10.1080%2F01919512.2019.1645641& Brückner, I .; Kohlgrüber, V .; Müller, Y .; Schiwy, S .; Hollert, H .; Claßen, S.; ... read more
Service ... for the correctness of the information and no guarantee for the functionality of this service. If you have any questions about the precipitation radar data shown, please contact the German Meteorological Service immediately (www.dwd.de) .... read more
"Water Dialog" of the WVER on the Day of the Water "Water Dialog" of the WVER on the Day of the Water Since 1993 it has been more solid BestAnd part of the annual calendar: On March 22nd, the "International Water Day" will take place again. He is supposed to attract attention ... read more

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