How does the college transfer process work

Associate Abroad

When it comes to studying, everything in Germany revolves around a Bachelor's or Master's degree. It is different in the USA and other countries that are based on the US study system. There students will find another degree, the so-called Associate Degree. This one typical American degree awarded state Community colleges and private Junior colleges.

Like the bachelor's degree programs, the associate degree programs belong to the area of ​​undergraduate courses, the so-called Undergraduate studies. Students usually begin an associate degree following the High school. In contrast to the Bachelor's degree, it takes Study time through to associate degree two years.

Aim of an associate degree is either the direct entry into the profession or the subsequent visit to a four-year college or university, where one can obtain a bachelor's degree.

Types of Associate Degree at Community Colleges

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Combine an associate's degree abroad with city trips? Universities like Seattle Central College offer ample opportunity to do so.

There are two different types of degree programs within the associate degree:Terminal Degrees and Transfer Degrees. Terminal Degrees lead into employment. Often these courses are more practice-oriented. Transfer Degrees usually include rather academic courses. The contents of the course are to be compared with those of the first two years of study of a bachelor's degree at a four-year college or university. After obtaining the Transfer Degrees The students can then also switch to such a four-year college or university and obtain a bachelor's degree there within two further years.

Recognition of associate degrees in the USA

So that universities can Transfer Degree There are no problems recognizing them and placing the students directly in the third year multiple cooperation agreements between Community or Junior colleges and certain universities or four-year colleges.

Universities abroad that offer the associate

Most associate degrees are available at US Community colleges. But there are also a number of Four-year colleges and universitieswho also offer associate courses. In these cases, students receive the associate degree after two years. You can then seamlessly continue your studies up to your bachelor's degree without having to change universities in between.

The associate title

Depending on the subject, various associate titles are also awarded. In the social, linguistic and cultural studies subjects or in the General Studies you get the Associate of Arts Degree. The Associate of Science Degree on the other hand, is awarded for a degree in natural science subjects such as mathematics or biology. Both disciplines offer both Terminal Programs as well as Transfer Programs at.

It is different with that Associate of Applied Science Degree. This title is used in the application-oriented courses which lead directly to professional activity. These can be courses from the medical, economic or administrative fields. IT courses and certain scientific, technical and engineering subjects also end with the Associate of Applied Science Degree from. These courses are thus considered pure Terminal Programs designed. Individual courses can be recognized for a subsequent bachelor's degree, but not the entire degree.

Recognition of the associate degree in Germany

The Associate Degree is in Germany unfortunately not recognized as an independent academic degreebecause there is no equivalent in the German study system.

It is also not to be assumed that after completing the associate degree, lateral entry into a higher semester of a bachelor's degree in Germany will be possible without further ado. In the American study system, it is customary at the beginning of the study to start with general education courses, the so-called General Studies, to prove. This is again not provided for in the German study system, so that these courses often cannot be taken into account in Germany.

It is therefore advisable for German students to definitely take a Transfer Program to choose and to transfer to a US four-year college or university after the associate degree ("transfer") to get there to acquire the bachelor's degree in another two years.

This path offers certain advantages over a bachelor's degree completed entirely at a four-year college or university: On the one hand, they stand out Community colleges by significantly lower tuition fees out. The first two years of the bachelor's degree in one Community College Therefore, studying and then moving to a four-year college or university can significantly reduce the cost of studying in the United States.

Admission requirements for associate studies

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Two birds with one stone: the associate degree offers an insight into campus life at college and serves as a door opener to the bachelor's degree.

The admission criteria to the Community and Junior colleges are not as strict as those at universities and four-year colleges. It is often possible to study abroad without a high school diploma. German applicants need them medium maturity and a minimum of two years Vocational training. In some cases, even intermediate maturity alone is sufficient provided the applicants a minimum age of 18 years achieved.

Adequate knowledge of English must be proven through standardized language tests such as the IELTS or TOEFL. Applicants who do not pass this, in some cases, have the option of first taking a language course on Community College to prove. One semester later you can start your studies yourself.

The associate as a door opener to other degrees

After a successfully completed Transfer Program Students without a high school diploma can then also complete their bachelor's degree at a four-year college or university within two years. For these applicants, an associate degree is therefore hiring Back door to an internationally recognized bachelor's degree in the United States, Canada, or Australia.

An associate degree can also open doors for applicants who are aiming to study at a very popular university, but have average grades on their (technical) high school diploma, too: The Community colleges have partially Cooperation agreements with renowned state and private universitiesthat every year a certain percentage of places for transfer applicants from these Community colleges Reservations. A successfully completed Transfer Degree can therefore significantly increase the chances of being accepted at such a top university.

Opportunities to Fund an Associate Abroad

The tuition fees at the colleges are lower than at the universities, but an associate degree abroad is not exactly cheap compared to studying in Germany. And finally, the cost of living has to be met. There are several ways to finance participation in an associate program abroad: