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Likes gone on Instagram? You need to know that now!

Likes on Instagram are disappearing and many users are in a kind of doomsday mood. Food bloggers, influencers and the catering industry see their customer acquisition on this platform at risk. Currently, only Germany and a few other countries are affected by this test.
In our article we will show you everything you need to know now for the future.

An article by Patrick Schady

Likes on Instagram gone - not everyone is affected

A few selected users can already see what Instagram could look like in the future. The new feature hides the number of likes. This means that the user no longer knows whether a post has been liked once or several times. This test is currently taking place in some countries, including Germany. However, so far only randomly selected people have been affected.

No likes, no pressure - that's what CEO Adam Mosseri says

By hiding the likes, Instagram wants to put less pressure on the user. This should allow users to concentrate on the essentials again: create good, inspiring contentinstead of going like-catching. The comparisons with others should also take a back seat.

Monitoring - How will the quality of your own content be measured in the future?

The "not seeing" of the Likes on Instagram only applies to foreign posts. It is still possible to see the likes received and your own contributions in his (business) profile. This means that food bloggers, influencers and other companies can continue to measure the success of their posts.

YouTube, Twitter & Co. are also affected

The disappearance of likes on Twitter is not as radical as it is on Instagram. Although Twitter hides the number of retweets and likes of the individual posts, these are still counted and can be accessed through the Clicking a button can be viewed by everyone. YouTube doesn't hide likes, but the exact subscription numbers.

What are the effects?

First of all, that remains Algorithm unchanged. Posts that are often liked and commented on further increase your rate engagement and are thus rewarded by Instagram with more reach. On the other hand, it is no longer possible to see visually whether a post is good or bad for many users.
For smaller companies there is an opportunity here: it will be back placed more emphasis on the imagerather than the number of likes.

Tips for the perfect Instagram post

Unique and meaningful images are the be-all and end-all for success on Instagram. In order for your posts to be popular with users, however, you should keep a few points in mind:

  • Use only good quality photos
  • Stay true to your style
  • Show personality in your postings

You should also keep in mind that you are always your followers animate have to. Posts that your target audience to chat, are usually liked and commented more frequently. This is how you generate a large reach.

Conclusion - Likes gone, question marks remain

For a few users in Germany and in some other countries, the number of likes on Instagram is gone. This test feature is intended to reduce social pressure and the Bring content back to the fore. As usual, the quality of the contributions can be measured. All received likes can still be viewed. This does not reduce the range either. This change offers the three most popular areas of food & gastronomy, cars and fashion, especially for the "smaller ones" and newcomers, the opportunity to quickly generate more awareness and reach.

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