Why do people panhandle incorrectly

What can you do about false monks?

I have a few suggestions.

Protect yourself the possibility of false language by not saying anything about these people, their motives or actions that you personally do not know to be true. even if it seems very likely that they are deceiving. If you want to warn family and friends, stick to only what you believe to be true, such as "In the tradition I am studying, monastic rules do not allow monks to ask for money or sell good luck charms."

Protect yourself prior to the occurrence or persistence of negative conditions by not identifying with this problem. It's not personal. Cities have always been magnets for people who have tended to "collect creative donations". ;-) City dwellers are quite well versed in such things and the media is unlikely to downplay them indefinitely. It's too strange a story to ignore forever.

Protect yourself of "I and my" Buddhism getting a bad rap. Really terrible things have happened in the context of other religions; bloody wars, sexual exploitation, financial scandal.

The Buddha's teachings continue to shine. A little thing like this can't tarnish. :) :)


Interesting. It's not quirky here though, it's close to Chinatown and much stranger things are common. In addition, these "monks" earn a lot of money with their "strategy".


Roger that. But if it happens all over the world, as you mentioned, in time it will become known; like all other "strategies". :) :)


This is the best answer I've seen on this website so far. Brilliant!