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  1. I'm through with playing. Now I'm looking for riddle 65. Joanie should ask me. But maybe she doesn't feel like it because she always tells me the same thing (about a girl ...). And the customer is somehow not thirsty either, I've run through the village umpteen times and always to him to see if he's thirsty, but unfortunately none. What else can I do?????
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  3. Yes, you have to go to a certain location for the event to be triggered - I think it should be the alley where Dogey is (which was initially guarded by the dog). You just go through it to the end and then into the house. I guess you've already found all 7 photo pieces by the time you're out there again ?!

    I think if you have looked around there, you should also be able to unlock puzzle 65 ... If not you can contact me again, then I'll take another look ^^

    mfg Sato :)
  4. Oh my goodness - no my mistake:

    I also thought that the riddle comes from Joannie, but it's not that ^^
    The riddle comes from Dawson, in the house to the left of Goannie (antique shop), from him you get riddle 65 - If it is already gone, it will surely be found in Grandma Enygma's hut :)

    Then again sorry for the post above, but that was probably only with the location of the picture part so ^^
    So hope this helps!

    mfg Sato :)

    Oh yes, before I forget, you get the riddle after Dawson was thirsty - So just in and out of the house until he's thirsty
    Maybe your other problem with the tea will be solved that way ^^
  5. I got out of the door about 20 times and back in again, but it helped. At some point he was thirsty and I was the 26th.