Do you think Starbucks is overrated?

Starbucks, Fairbanks

Been here many times. As there are places to browse and take limited a snack, sandwich or drink Barnes and Noble is quite popular. However, the food and drinks are very bad. The sandwiches made us choke on us. I think they have a display ... sandwich it was that bad. And all the time the staff is complaining about your order or how it is being packaged or staying to go, and you can hear it all! Terrible service even forgetting to part our order. Just like my life's aim, act was to steal a cookie from them. Yes, you assumptions are correct I ran over to the fantasy section and bravest cats frightened the triple fudge cookie and back to cheating you off another! !! Sheesh! The hot chocolate tastes like warm water and a Hershey Kiss warmed up together. There are baked goods are a gamble like you was left in the case. So you can have a semi new cookie or brownie or one that can be used as a charcoal grill briquette. Calibrating the bad attitudes of the batistas behind the counter could make you care less and take no pride in your service or food. The roast beef and turkey with bree are the gross sandwiches. One tasting like I vacuumed a foot and the other like Alpo dog meat bits on a soggy diaper with a lot of onion and some kind of lavender mayo flavored lotion. Never again! Roll the dice, buy a biscuit and some fairly packaged soda. P.S. : This hotel is not really a Starbucks. More