What is Asset Protection Trust

Protection for wealth What asset protection can do

Case group 2:

The family patriarch wants to prevent parts of the family from accessing his property by way of property succession or from exerting undesirable influence. This can be about children-in-law and their families, for example, but also about members of your own family.

Case group 3:

An entrepreneur wants to keep his assets together in order to be able to guarantee professional asset management for the benefit of all subsequent generations and not to let the complexity increase significantly. If the family gradually grows to 20 people with an asset background of, for example, 100 million, a family office is no longer worthwhile for each individual person. In this scenario, certain asset classes cannot be invested in a meaningful way, nor is it possible to agree on favorable terms. An important aspect, especially in times of low interest rates.

What Asset Protection does

Asset protection is initially about using all legally permissible, preventive measures to ensure that the substance of the assets is preserved. Nevertheless, despite the restriction of access, it should be ensured that the income ends up with those who should receive it even with full ownership of the assets.

Before an asset owner decides on a solution, it is important that they know all the options and details as well as the relevant advantages and disadvantages. There should never be isolated advice and the focus should always be on the overall assets, the overall situation. A prerequisite for optimal asset protection is a complete and comprehensive inventory including a projection of income and expenses and the recording of the goals and ideas of all those involved.