Can Sasuke receive the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

Why didn't Uchiha Itachi make his Mangekyo Sharingan forever?

There can be several reasons: Two plausible ones were mentioned by Makoto. As we all know, the Sharingan is a pair of dojutsu and so it would take 2 Mangekyou together to wake up forever in both eyes. The other reason my Makoto also stated is that it was mentioned that the 2 people must be related by blood and it makes sense since the only 2 people who actually ever did this were Sasuke and Madara and the Mangekyou used her siblings.

As for the reasons he didn't use his father's mangekyous, it could be that Itachi knew he was dying and saw no point in reaching the eternal mangekyou only to die of an incurable disease. He probably knew he wouldn't have enough time to take advantage of the Eternal. For more information on his illness, see this thread. Was it ever determined if Itachi was already dying?

The last reason is what I " an overwhelming amount of love mixed with a strong guilty conscience ". Itachi wiped out his entire clan to protect Konoha from the coup the Uchiha were planning, but couldn't kill his brother because he loved him more than anything. Itachi certainly knew how terrible his actions were , and planned from that moment on to make amends by dying at the hands of his little brother who would try to avenge the entire clan. Itachi also most likely concluded that Sasuke would have had no chance against him , if he had had the eternal Mangekyou, so decided to really fight his younger brother later after his eyes got so bad that they were close to strength rather than a one-sided battle.

So it was actually because of Sasuke! He knew he was dying and preferred to die holding his brother's hand. In this way, he used his death to make Sasuke stronger. To make the fight a bit fair, Itachi decided to give Sasuke the upper hand (by fighting him while he was partially blind and sick).

Ashkan Sirous

And yet the stupid little brother could not defeat the partially blind and sick older brother who deliberately held back in order to improve his powers ... Sorry, I couldn't stop myself from writing it! Great reply! Many Thanks :)