Scratch DVDs and become unusable easily

Store DVDs + How are DVDs scratched?

Are we talking about production CDs / DVDs or recordable first?

If it can be included, the first thing I would say is you get what you pay for. In my humble opinion, I've always found TDK CD / DVDs to be the best.

Second, there is such a thing as disc red, which is caused by oxidation in the air and can be made worse by scratches. Try not to scratch the discs. In general, this only applies to recordable CDs / DVDs.

Always use a lint-free cloth to clean a disc, and be sure to wipe from the center towards the edge rather than in a circular motion. Discs are designed to withstand some scratching as long as not too much data is destroyed. This is because there is an error correction code in each segment. You destroy too many segments in a row and you cannot reproduce the original data.

Otherwise, jewel cases are widely accepted as the best method because the discs will be squeezed or scratched harder as you move them. Keep them in a dry place out of direct sunlight (albeit fine in one case) and away from excessive heat that could warm them up.

If you are using a CD / DVD, make sure the disc has stopped spinning before removing it. I've had a few players that I've heard the disc spin as it was tossed back onto the cart when it was ejected.

Always hold the edges and do not place them on any surface other than the disc holder or disc drive.

Finally keep away from pets and children. My dog ‚Äč‚Äčonce ate his way through 10 CDs with 10 MP3 albums each!

p.s. I just found this online @ DVD life span, "MAM-A recommends burning the discs slower to improve data integrity and compatibility. I recommend burning CDs at 16x speed and DVDs at 2xx."