What is the best advice of Confucius

Confucius on timing and success

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When is the best time to do something? Confucius already knew advice here, and banks and savings banks that are more static and passive should take it to heart.

Time is a critical success factor

"Time-to-market" is the key word. In a time of constant change, competitive advantages are not achieved by waiting but by acting. Not all banks seem to have noticed this so far, but there are positive exceptions, such as the Comdirect, which was the first bank in Germany to introduce personal finance management. The Volks- and Raiffeisenbanken, at least those under the wing of Fiducia, deserve a positive mention.

In connection with the importance and urgency of a digital strategy, the clock is already ticking, as a recent study showed.

Confucius illustrates the subject very clearly in my opinion with his following sentence:

Confucius on timing and success

The person behind the quote

Confucius (probably 551-479 BC) was a Chinese philosopher during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. He has written many clever words, although not all of them may actually be traced back to him.