How phishing scams work

Phishing: Lies and fraud make it possible to intercept data

The essentials about phishing in a nutshell

How does phishing work?

A Phishing virus in a file or link is usually in a Mail that asks you to send your access data on a Phishing page to enter. Scammers can do this intercept and for theirs own purposes use.

How can I protect myself from phishing?

The best protection before phishing is next to a current one Virus program, Browser and one computer with the latest updates a certain sensitivity of the user. Read here how to recognize mail phishing.

Am I a victim of phishing?

Are you unsure of whether you will Affected by a phishing attack you should get one Virus scan perform and about theirs Contact the bank. Changing passwords may be helpful. In an emergency, a Professional help.

What is phishing?

Time and again, criminals try their luck on the Internet and hope for the blind trust of their victims: They send Phishing emails and want to lure the chosen ones to pages on which they normally have theirs Enter datato tap this and for example Loot accounts to be able to. The fatal thing about it: When phishing, the Scrpit, i.e. the The structure of the page is usually confusingly similar to the original and is difficult to distinguish from it at first glance.

The term "phishing" means "fishing“In English and is a metaphor for the proverbial Fishing credentials and identities. Here's how to get one Detect phishing emailshow best to proceed when you have one in your inbox find and whether there is such a thing as a Phishing protection gives.

How do I recognize a phishing email and what is the data used for?

Many are now aware that Data something like the nearest currency are. Fraudsters, who mainly hang around the Internet, have known this for a long time. Internet users should not write their own data protection too small and should be able to use a Detect phishing emails. Because mail phishing is that most common methode in this milieu. she can en masse or related to a very specific smaller group (more on this later).

The purpose such a mail consists in that you the contained in it Open the phishing link. Then you land on a page where you have yours Enter login details should. And because cyber criminals are mostly on it money apart from that, such a phishing website is often the supposed one Internet presence of a bank.

You should actually be there Enter informationthat allow hackers access, they can use the Fish off data and with it afterwards log in yourself. They are then able to transfer funds from your account to their own or directly with it shop online. Also a Identity theft is conceivable.

So that it doesn't get that far in the first place, we have a few below features put together where you recognize a phishing email:

  • spelling mistake: Since the mails are mostly in Masses and often a Translation program is used, a phishing email contains quite a few in the vast majority of cases spelling mistake and also often strange characters. Umlauts are not converted, letters are forgotten and Punctuation marks not set properly.
  • Urgent!: If you are asked to do so in an email, if possible fast to act, you should be puzzled. Then still threaten Consequences, such as that Lock your account, you can be sure of the fraud and the mail in the Move the recycle bin.
  • foreign language: Are you a customer of a foreign bank? No? Then you have probably received a phishing email, for example if this not written in German is. In addition, the few banks in Germany at all mail messages. If anything, important information usually ends up in your electronic or physical mailbox. Lots Inform financial institutions their customers also as soon as a current one Phishing mail in circulation is.
  • No direct salutation: Cyber ​​criminals who do massive phishing usually do not bother to give messages a personal address such as "Dear Ms. Mustermann". Instead, you are more likely to beUsers"Or"customer“Addressed.

For a phishing attack, this is almost always the case universal characteristic of a link or filethat you should open. Under no circumstances should you click on such an attachment or linkwhen you have opened a phishing email! Because the malware can already be in the Source code, i.e. in the phishing link, and about one Trojans install it on your computer. However, spam folders take many phishing e-mails directly, so these not even in your inbox are displayed.

A principle of data security is never personal data anywhere such as name or address to give when you inquire about the Identity of the counterpart are not sure. It makes a difference whether you have one, for example meeting for a phone call with your House bank agreed or whether you have someone randomly calling and would like to talk to you about a loan.

The spear phishing email: targeted attack instead of mass destruction

Spear phishing is less about intercepting access data from people than it is about harming a very specific group, such as a company. Here, too, a metaphor from fishing is used: the spear. The hackers literally do not throw out a large network here, but rather concentrate on a certain "fish".

If even a gullible employee clicks on such a phishing email, the fraudster can do so Use identityto go to the User data from millions of customers to be able to access.

Cases of such phishing attacks are reported again and again. Examples of great Hacker attacks from the past are for example:

  • the attack by the WannaCry virus in May 2017, which in Germany is mainly the scoreboard of the German train paralyzed or
  • the Hacker attack on Sony Pictures in November 2017, in which primarily the release of the film "The interview“Should be prevented.

SMS phishing: Different platform, same method

That too SMS phishing is possible. This will then Smishing called. A malicious link or a request to Entering TANs, PINs, etc. packed into an SMS. If you are unsure about the authenticity of such a message, you should always contact your respective Credit institution turn.

There is not only phishing, but also pharming - what's the difference?

Pharming is one particularly well camouflaged shape from phishing. Users will be on fake websites redirected when you go through the manual input want to get to a domain in the search bar. Self saved bookmark do not offer sufficient protection here, as the detour can be done anyway. Read below how you can best protect yourself from unsafe sites.

A reference to such a pharming site can be Numbers in the url be that you not seen there before to have. Even in the event that the domain new data queries from you that you did not have to enter when registering, it can be a Scam side act.

Secure pages usually begin with "https" and show a little lock before the url. When you click on this, many browsers show whether the website is safe or whether it could be a phishing link. If you come across one of these, you can visit the phishing page of the Report search engine. Often there is a form, which you can find after a quick search on the internet.

Is there any anti-phishing software available?

Lots Anti-virus programs warn of unsafe websites. So the most important point to protect yourself against phishing on the Internet is this Virus protection on your machine that always current should be. Same goes for that operating system of the calculator: Again, you should have all of the available Updates installed.

Also Browser warn today of a possible phishing attempt and then recommend not on a specific page to click.

Cherish one Suspected phishing, you should use your respective anti-virus software throughout Search computer and change passwords if necessary. In an emergency, you should contact one Professional turn.

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Phishing: Lies and fraud make it possible to intercept data
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