What causes rabbits to be albino

Torment breeding

Rabbits come in many races and colors, but some of the races are classified as torture breeding according to Section 11 of the TschG. Through breeding, rabbits have been bred in a variety of ways for decades. In the process, parts of the body were sometimes deformed or a predisposition was created for diseases that are associated with suffering, pain or a limitation in life for the animal.

The healthiest rabbits are those that resemble the wild rabbit.

The following animals are considered torture breeding:

ยง 11b Animal Welfare Act Germany
It is forbidden to breed vertebrates [...] if it is to be expected that in the offspring [...] or their offspring, due to hereditary reasons, body parts or organs for the appropriate use are missing or unsuitable or redesigned and that this causes pain, suffering or damage.
It is forbidden to breed vertebrates [...] if it is to be expected that in the offspring
a) hereditary behavioral disorders associated with ailments occur or
b) every species-appropriate contact with conspecifics leads to pain or avoidable suffering or damage for themselves or a conspecific, or
c) whose keeping is only possible under conditions that cause them pain or avoidable suffering or harm.

Ram (floppy ears)

Injuries caused by ranking fights: rabbits with erect ears put their auricle in the neck during fights, this protects them and injuries are extremely rare. Ram ears often get between the fronts and large wounds often occur. Many animals then need veterinary treatment. In some animals there is even an amputation or partial amputation of the ear. In a recent study, more than 16% of Aries rabbits had an ear injury, but not a single rabbit with erect ears.

Injuries in English rams